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      Once you visit Armenia, you cannot help falling in love with this splendid country. Armenia will charm you with its unique nature, beautiful traditions, as well as human warmth and hospitality. Thousands of reasons can be listed why you should visit Armenia, but we will try to present 5 most important ones.

      The Arch of Charents

      Tatev Monastery


      Reason 1. – Mountainious landscape and the beautiful Lake Sevan

      The nature of Armenia is characterized with its unique beauty and diversity. On a relatively small territory of the country you can find picturesque mountain rivers, thick, green forests and vast areas, entirely covered with bright carpets of wildflowers. Here your body and soul will relax. Dive into the crystal coolness of the high-mountainous Lake Sevan, try the water of healing mineral springs in Jermuk and Dilijan. While traveling in Armenia, you can see and enjoy stunning views and breathtaking panoramas: from the riot of summer tents to snow-white purity of Tsakhkadzor, from the pearly surface of Sevan at dawn to the majestic Biblical Mount Ararat.

      Sevanavank Monastery

      Haghartsin Monastery


      Reason 2. – Rich historical and cultural heritage

      Armenia is a country of numerous monuments. Feel the spirit of ancient Greece by visiting the beautifully preserved pagan temple of Garni. Get acquainted with the history of the first country that adopted Christianity in the spiritual center Etchmiadzin. Appreciate the incredible architecture of Geghard Monastery carved in the rock and the Tatev Monastery, which can be reached by the world’s longest cableway ”Tatever”.

      Geghard Monastery

      Garni Temple

      Many sights in Armenia are located directly in the open sky: the unique cave village Khndzoresk or aincient megalithic complex Karaunj, supposedly served as an ancient observatory. Of course, acquaintance with Armenia will be incomplete without visiting Matenadaran – the repository of ancient manuscripts in Yerevan, where you can see the biggest and smallest manuscript in the world.


      Kndzoresk bridge


      Reason 3. – Amazing Armenian cuisine

      Armenia is just a gourmet paradise! Getting acquainted with the Armenian cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent and our special gastronomic tour can help you in it. Many cozy cafe՛s and restaurants in Yerevan will offer you a huge variety of national dishes. Be sure to try the traditional tolma, “from the heat with the heat” khorovats and national soup spas. You will remember for a long time the “sunny” taste and flavor of Armenian fruits, which you will certainly want to take to your country to treat your relatives and friends.

      Armenian dishes

      Spas ( Armenian meal )


      Reason 4. – Evening Yerevan

      In hot summer, the real “life” in Yerevan begins in evenings; late walks at this time of the year are a peculiar tradition. When the heat of the entire day changes to a pleasant cool evening, most citizens leave the houses to breathe clean air and just pleasantly chat over a cup of coffee. You can walk around the central part of the city, visit cute souvenir shops or sit in hospitable street cafes. In addition – do not miss the amazing light show of “singing fountains”, which can be seen every evening on the central square of the city.

      Northern avenue, Yerevan

      Republic Square


      Reason 5. – Excellent opportunity for family holidays

      Are you planning a visit to Armenia with your family? Excellent! For a good rest with children there are plenty of options to choose from – many cafes and entertainment centers, a modern city zoo and aqua park with water attractions. In Armenia, there is a special attitude towards children, therefore, without any doubt, in any public institution all possible facilities will be offered to you for a comfortable. (special highchair, “children’s” menu, etc.).
      Hospitable Armenia is waiting for you!

      Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Alexander Spendiaryan

      Victory park


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