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      There is a large flow of tourists wishing to spend their vacation in Armenia in 2024 since the beginning of summer. And it is not surprising, because there are all opportunities for a quality summer vacation at the most affordable prices in this sunny country: unforgettable tours to places of interest in Armenia, entertainment and amenities for families with children, safety in all possible aspects, as well as excellent climatic conditions for the holiday organization.


      Summer in Armenia


      Where to spend summer vacations in Armenia in 2024?

      A visit to Armenia involves many options for an interesting vacation. Tour packages include travel to health resorts or exciting adventure tour for those who like active leisure. In addition, during the summer season of 2024 a large number of traditional festivals are held in the country such as “Raspberry Festival” (July 27, village Ashotavan), “Beer Festival” (August 19, Yerevan) and beloved “Barbecue Festival” (August 18, Akhtala village, Lori region).


      Raspberry Festival


      Armenia in June

      In the first summer days stable weather is established in Armenia varying within + 21-28 C in the daytime. Therefore, June is excellent for rest in the natural resorts of Armenia. One of such places is Dilijan. Impregnated with the aroma of coniferous trees local air has healing qualities and helps in the treatment of the upper respiratory tract. Another health resort where you can spend your vacation in Armenia in the summer is Hanqavan village where is located the famous eponymous resort. There are many sources of mineral waters in this place surrounded by thick forests and majestic gorges. The resort is very popular among visitors and locals, especially those who are treated for various diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract or liver, as well as who simply wants to strengthen their health. One more popular resort town is Jermuk. Local curative mineral water is known all over the world.


      Dilijan resort


      Armenia in July

      As a rule, there is a hot weather in Armenia in July (+ 23-37 C). The period of scorching sun and intense heat is best to spend on the shores of Sevan Lake which locals call the “Geghama Sea”. Rest on the beach against the backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery can be combined with a cultural and historical program, as there are architectural monuments of ancient times, such as IX-th century Sevanavank Monastery. In addition, gourmets will be able to taste delicious crayfish and the famous Sevan trout in coastal cafes and restaurants.


      Sevan trout


      Armenia in August

      The weather in August also remains hot, reaching +29-39 C in the daytime. Good natural conditions in Armenia allow growing of various types of fruits, vegetables and grains. Fruitful August is especially favorable for lovers of healthy organic food. Various festivals, traditional holidays will be held in summer 2024, including the Armenian ancient New Year which is called “Navasard”. There is almost no rainfall in August which will especially please fans of outdoor activities wishing to go on foot or horseback riding, go fishing or try their skills in rock climbing during the vacation.




      Holidays in Armenia with children

      A travel to Armenia in summer is an ideal option for those who spend their vacation with their children. Due to favorable tourist packages little travelers will find a lot of interesting things in Yerevan and outside the capital: exciting attractions, cozy parks, cognitive tours of historical and cultural places, healthy food, clean air and magnificent climate. 


      Botanic garden

      A variety of entertainment, low prices and comfortable stay conditions will make holidays with children unforgettable.


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