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      Welcome to Armenia! Armenia, a piece land which makes everyone fall in love with it from the very first sight from the illuminator of an airplane, from the very first step on the sun-drenched land. You can find many fascinating historical and cultural sights in Armenia.

      Armenia is one of the safest countries of Southeastern Europe. Armenia is situated in the South Caucasus; country borders Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Its territory is 29,743 km2 and it is located 1000-2000 meters above sea level. To learn more about Armenia you can join us. We organize tours in Armenia.

      Yerevan is the capital and the largest city of Armenia, a colorful, joyful, eventful city. Yerevan (sometimes spelled Erevan, Erivan, Jerewan, Jerevan, etc.) has a long-long history of thousands of years, dating back to the rise of the oldest civilizations in the world. Yerevan is known as a host of many international events, such as symposia, conferences, festivals, sports competitions.

      Miracles, wonders and adventures can be found on the land where Noah landed and traces of centures are hidden everywhere. Gain the memories which will never leave you.

      Noravank Monastery
      Sanahin Monastery
      Noravank Monastery
      Geghard Monastery
      Sanahin Monastery
      Garni Temple
      Geghard Monastery
      Sevanavank Monastery
      Noravank Monastery
      Geghard Monastery
      Haghartsin Monastery
      Haghartsin Monastery
      Sanahin Monastery
      Noravank Monastery
      Geghard Monastery
      Lake Sevan
      Garni Temple
      Old Dilijan
      Haghartsin Monastery
      Goshavank Monastery
      Lake Parz
      Lake Parz
      Tatev Monastery
      Tatev ropeway
      Tatev Monastery
      Sanahin Monastery
      Tatev ropeway
      Haghartsin Monastery
      Akhtala Monastery
      Haghpat Monastery
      Odzun Monastery
      Gandzasar Monastery
      Khor Virap Monastery
      Shaki Waterfall
      Khor Virap Monastery
      “We and Our Mountains” monument

      The land is mountainous, the climate is temperate. Summer is hot and dry, winter is generally mild. The weather is colder in higher areas. Perceptions mostly come in the period between the end of spring and the beginning of summer.
      The temperature may strictly fluctuate in the capital and in regions because of the elevation. Most of the rainfalls come from March to June. The average temperature is 15-200C in Yerevan; it is lower in regions.
      Summer is dry, sunny and long. The daytime temperature is usually 25-350C, at night it is 20-250C. There is always a little breeze in the evenings.

      Armenian autumn is unique and mild. It stands out with bright colors and variety of fruits. The average temperature is about 20-250C.

      Winters are usually short. The snow can stay from December to March in higher areas. In lower points the snow is fewer and melts in within February.

      The best time for a visit is spring and autumn. There are some contradictions for people with cardiovascular diseases because of the mountainous climatic conditions.

      The population of Armenia is about 3 million: 98 percent are native Armenians; other 2 percent are national minorities: yazidis, kurds and jews.

      The state religion is Christianity. Most part of the population confesses Armenian Apostolic Church. The Constitution ensures the freedom of religion. There are no restrictions about clothes or any special ways of wearing.

      The state currency unit is Armenian Dram. You can find currency exchange points in the airports, banks, special small exchange stalls as well as in some hotels.
      Payment by card is available nearly in all restaurants and supermarkets in Yerevan. While traveling across Armenia it is recommended to have cash.

      There are two international airports in Armenia: Zvartnots airport in Yerevan and Shirak airport in Gyumri. The visitors can use a bus to travel from and to Zvartnots airport.

      You can also use always-available taxi service to get to any destination.

      There are three mobile operators Vivacell МТS, Beeline and Ucom. The roaming service is available within the whole republic. If you are planning to stay in Armenia for a longer period, you should take a local SIM-card.

      There will be no problem with internet connection while in Yerevan. There is free Wifi nearly in all hotels, cafes, malls as well as city parks, bus stations and underground. If you have a local telephone number, you will have an opportunity to activate internet connection. In this case you should use special code which will be given to you while buying your SIM-car. You can also ask for it by connecting the mobile operator.

      If desired you can use post services which is available within the whole country. The national operator of the postal contact is «Haypost», which offers postal, payment and delivering services. The main post offices are located in the center of the capital, in Saryan Street, as well as in the Republic Square, in front of the Government building.


      For CIS and EU citizens there is no visa required to enter the country. Only international passport is necessary. The citizens of other countries can get visa immediately on border. For more detailed information about visa requirements you can visit the website of Ministry of foreign affairs of Republic of Armenia: https://www.mfa.am/hy/visa .

      The state language is Armenian, but most of the population speaks English and Russian, too. That is why tourist can feel safe and ask a passer in case of a question.

      The city is full with cafes and restaurants with the excellent level of service. You can easily find cafes with national food as well as places of fast food in the center.

      The following types of transportation are available within the country:
      Subway: it has only one line and six stations. One ticket costs 100 dram.
      Bus/Minibus: one ticket within the city costs 100 dram. While traveling between two or more cities
      the price depends on the distance.

      Taxi service in Yerevan is very popular and relatively cheap. You can order a car by telephone as there are many taxi offices in the city or by mobile applications “Yandex.Taxi”, “UTAXI”, “GG”.

      The Armenian cuisine, which has a history of thousands of years, belongs to a branch of cuisine of the Middle East. Its inseparable components are fresh vegetables and meat. A large variety of herbs is used as the important component in preparing main dishes as well as in snacks. There are different restaurants in Armenia that serve not only Armenian, but also Georgian, European and Eastern dishes.

      Armenia is famous not only with its culture in general, but with a separate part of it, the national cuisine, well-known brandy, wine and fruits. That is why the following things are taken as special souvenirs:
      • Alcoholic drinks: wine and brandy, each person can take not more than 2 liters
      • Cheese: You can find in every market of the city. The assortment is big and there is an opportunity to try it before buying
      • Handmade bags, wallets, tablecloths, napkins and headscarf with national symbols and ornaments
      The best place to find such souvenirs is Vernissage flea market which is located near the Republic Square, in Khanjyan Street
      • Stained glass and handmade crockery
      • Nuts and dry fruits.

      Armenians celebrate secular and church fests. Shops, markets, cafes, restaurants and malls usually work every day, including not-working days. You can find out the fests and non-working days of Armenia below.

      New Year is one of the brightest and atmospheric holydays. The whole city is decorated with lights and fills with preholiday mood on New Year’s Eve. A range of Christmas events, concerts, performances for kids and festivals are held in Yerevan every year. You can visit the small Christmas stalls located in Northern Avenue, one of the main streets in Yerevan and find there different souvenirs, crockery as well as different Christmas dishes, snacks and also get some of them as hospitality.

      International day for protection of children (the 1st of June)
      Many events and festivities with entertainers are organized in the streets of the city. Different games and activities are held for children. You can often see marches. Some places are free of charge for kids on this day such as Yerevan Zoo. The 1st of June is the best day to relax with your child in Yerevan and enjoy your time while your kid having fun.

      Some other fests celebrated in Armenia are the followings:

      Republic Day – May 28t
      Army Day – January 28
      International Women’s Day – March 8
      Labor Day – May 1
      Constitution Day – July 5

      The 24th of April is also considered a non-working day. This date symbolizes the remembrance of the victims of Armenian Genocide. People visit Tsitsernakaberd memorial on this day to pay a tribute to the victims of Genocide. A march with lanterns, which goes far through central Baghramyan Avenue to the memorial, is held in the evening of the 24th of April.


      Moveable holiday (the 28 of July – the 28th of August)
      Vardavar celebrates the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, but its roots date back to pagan times. In ancient times this festival was associated with love of the goddess of love Astghik and the god of war Vahagn. Astghik was spreading her love throughout people by giving them roses and splashing water. And Vahagn, who was always fighting with the evil, protected that love.
      The main purpose on that day is to get wet and to make wet. It seems to be as the whole country is in water. People pour buckets of water from balconies and in the streets on each other.
      You should leave your phone, computer and important documents at home or put them in a waterproof folder as when you go out on Vardavar you will surely get wet.

      Sheep shearing festival
      It is held on the 8th of June in the settlement of Khot of Tatev community in Syunik. The program of the festival includes shearing competition, exhibition and trade fair as well as different concerts. Besides, the neighboring communities present and sell their national dishes and handmade works designed with the use of the picture of sheep. During the festival you can also find some master-classes.

      The official opening ceremony takes place in Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theatre and the closure takes place in Hrazdan stadium. Concerts and exhibitions dedicated to the capital as well as some performance with the depiction of Armenian king Argishti the founder of Erebouni fortress are held. The day ends in the Republic Square with festive fireworks.

      Areni Wine Festival
      The festival is held in Areni village in Vayots Dzor region where the most ancient winery was found in 2010. The festival has united both house wines of the villagers and factory wines. The program includes winemaking, degustation, delicious treats of some products and trade fair. Here you will find not only wine but also some other natural and fresh goods of the villagers.

      Besides these festivities, you may find interesting the festival of Tolma on the 10th of July in Sardarapat village and the festival of Gata on September in Khachik village.

      Embassy of Argentina
      Address: 32 Sayat-Nova Avenue

      Embassy of Belarus
      Adress: Kotayk Marz, Arinj village, Marshal Baghramyan St., 9/1

      Embassy of Bulgaria
      Address: Sofia St. 16

      Embassy of Brazil
      Adress: “Nord” Business Centre

      Embassy of China
      Address: Marshal Baghramyan St. 12

      Embassy of the Czech Republic
      Adsress: Nalbandyan St. 48/1

      Embassy of Egypt
      Address: Sepuhi St. 6a

      Embassy of France
      Address: Grigor Lusavorich St. 8

      Embassy of Germany
      Address:Charents St. 29

      Embassy of Georgia
      Address: Babayan St. 2/10

      Embassy of Greece
      Address: Demirchian St. 6

      Embassy of Iran
      Address: Budaghyan St. 1

      Embassy of Iraq
      Address: Ulneci St. 16/1

      Embassy of India
      Address: Italy St. 5

      Embassy of Japan
      Address: Pavstos Buzand St. 3

      Embassy of Kazakhstan
      Address: Demirtchyan St. 11

      Embassy of Lebanon
      Address: Dzoraghyugh St. 13/14

      Embassy of Lithuania
      Address: Babayan St. 2/13

      Embassy of Poland
      Address: Hanrapetutyan St. 44a

      Embassy of Romania
      Address: Barbusse St. 15

      Embassy of Russian Federation
      Address: Grigor Lusavorich 13a

      Embassy of Swiss
      Address: Melik Adamyan St. 2/1

      Embassy of Sweden
      Address: Baghramyan Avenue 34

      Embassy of Turkmenistan
      Address: Yerznkyan St 52

      Embassy of Ukraine
      Address: Arabkir St. 29, 5/1

      Embassy of Great Britain
      Address: Baghramyan Avenue 34

      Embassy of the USA
      Address: American Avenue 1

      General Emergency – 911

      Ambulance – 103

      Police – 102

      Fire brigade – 101

      Human rights defender’s office – 116

      International directory assistance – 105

      If the scriptures are rightly understood it was in Armenia that paradise was placed. But whatever may have been their destiny and it has been bitter whatever it may be in the future, their country must ever be one most interesting on the globe. Armenian is the language to speak with God.

      - George Gordon Byron -