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      Each corner in the world is beautiful unless you decide travel and explore it. Armenia is not an exception. Tourism in Armenia in 2024 keeps on developing, expanding its frames and presenting Armenia in a new way to its visitors.


      Lake Parz


      Sightseeing tourism, visit Armenia

      One cannot have lack of sightseeings in Armenia: churches, gorges, mountains, fortresses that incorporate a history of centuries. Moreover, the world’s longest ropeway that leads to Tatev Monastic complex will make Armenia one of your favorite countries in the world. It’s out of question that Yerevan, one of the most ancient capital in the world has its own unique characteristics.

      Khndzoresk swinging bridge

      Wings of Tatev


      Medical tourism

      Medical tourism is one of the most ancient types  of tourism.  Peopled have learnt to use mineral waters in medicine since ancient times. Visit Jermuk, Aghveran and Arzni – the best known sanatoriums in Armenia.  Jermuk is considered one of the most famous resort city from the point of medical care, rest and entertainment. Aghveran gorge has a unique microclimate, which is highly recommended for a treatment of a number of illnesses.


      Jermuk waterfall

      There are about 400 mineral sources in the territory of Armenia on the bases of which high-standard resorts have been and are being built and they provide a wide range of services with competitive price policy. Generally Armenia is of great interest from the medical point of view. Apart from resort tourism, surgery tourism and dental tourism are also repeatedly developing. As far as health interventions are concerned, flexible and affordable price systems become highly attractive. 




      Еxtreme tourism

      Extreme tourism is the type which constantly unites those who are always looking forward to new emotions. During their vacation extreme seekers never get bored. Armenia introduces itself in a new way alongside with its varieties of extreme, suggesting unprecedented adventures. Soon not only the longest ropeway, but also the longest ZIPLINE would be one of the keys to visit Armenia.


      Zipline in Armenia


      Religious tourism

      Pilgrimage tourism has been developing parallel to the development of the World three religions on the earth.  It is notable that Armenia is the first country that adopted Christianity as a state religion. The spear by which Jesus Christ was wounded, has been kept in Geghard, and also John the Baptist’s head, one of the most prominent relics in the world, is buried in Gandzasar, Nagorno Karabakh. Etchmiadzin, the spiritual administrative center of Armenian Apostolic church located in Vagharshapat, is one of the oldest temples in the world. So for pilgrimage Armenia is an interesting and unique place to visit.

      Etchmiadzin Cathedral

      Geghardavank Monastery

      Hence, the sphere of tourism, especially extreme, pilgrimage, medical and dental tourisms, develop alongside with other spheres in Armenia. What concerns development, it doesn’t occur on its own: all of us contributes to it, started with everyone who visit Armenia for different purposes.


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