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      Armenia is beautiful at any time of the year, whether it is time of amazing blossoming of spring gardens, sunny and hot season of summer holidays or “golden autumn” with its aromatic fruit abundance. If your trip to Armenia is planned for the winter of 2023-2024, then a lot of fascinating things expect you. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons to visit Armenia in winter. So, let’s go!

      Republic Square, Yerevan

      Mother Armenia, Yerevan


      Reason 1st – Sights

      It will not be easy to organize a visit to all Armenian “sights in the open” in winter, however you can find many interesting architectural and historical monuments even not far from the capital and participate in tours which are available at any time of the year. So, for example, you can visit the ancient pagan temple Garni, the cave monastery Geghard, or the main shrine of Armenia – Christian-monastic complex Echmiadzin.

      Garni pagan temple

      Geghard monastery


      Reason 2nd – Lake Sevan

      Sevan is a favorite vacation spot for Armenians and tourists in hot summer. However, nothing compares to the incredible beauty of winter Sevan. In the cold season, the lake obtains a very special deep blue color, which is especially emphasized by the surrounding snow-covered mountains.

      Amazing Lake Sevan

      Sevanavank Monastery


      Reason 3rd – Amazing Landscapes

      Winter 2024 is a great time for a photo tour in Armenia! Picturesque winter landscapes, hills and mountain peaks covered with snow-white “winter hats”, Sevan lake and the capital city Yerevan celebrating New Year will give you a lot of bright and colorful photos that will remind you of your visit to Armenia for a long time.

      Winter in Dilijan

      Kecharis monastic complex, Tsaghkadzor


      Reason 4th – Tsakhadzor

      Do you practice winter sports at a professional level or you have never skied? In both cases, Tsakhkadzor ski resort will offer you the best conditions for an active holiday! Here you will enjoy skiing, snowboarding or sledging and you will definitely get positive energy. There are several types of snow tracks of international class (with a different level of difficulty) at your disposal. Beginners can even use the services of instructors.


      Winter sports in Tsakhkadzor


      Reason 5th – Zipline flight

      By the way, about active rest – it is worth mentioning Yell Extreme Park, located near the village Yenokavan. Here you can take flight on a zip line choosing one or several different routes and admire the amazing views from the height of the bird’s flight.

      Zip-line, Armenia

      Yenokavan village


      Reason 6th – Museums in Yerevan

      Visiting the capital of Armenia, you should definitely pay special attention to local museums. Fortunately, museums are open in winter in Yerevan, and guide service is provided in many of them. You can, for example, choose admiring the collection of ancient manuscripts preserved the Matenadaran, the Museum of Modern Art, the Historical Museum, the National Museum Gallery or Sergey Paradzhanov Museum.

      Armenian national costumes

      S. Parajanov Museum


      Reason 7th – Winter Cuisine

      Winter is the best time to get acquainted with rich Armenian cuisine! Why? Because during this period, along with well-known dishes, such as dolma, Armenian barbeque khorovats or spas, you can try seasonal dishes that are prepared mostly in winter – for example, khash or sorrel soup. In addition, do not forget about the huge assortment of local sweets, candies and traditional dried fruit!

      Armenian dolma

      Armenian khash


      Reason 8th – Armenian Wine

      And of course, it is impossible to imagine any local table without wine with “sunny” taste and delicate aroma of ripe grapes. Red, pink and white, dry, semi-sweet and dessert – here you will find the perfect wine for every taste, and after trying, you will certainly want to take several bottles of “sun” drink with you.

      Armenian sweet wine

      Wine tasting


      Reason 9th – New Year shopping

      New Year’s Eve is time of widespread discounts and an excellent opportunity to visit stores, shopping centers and seasonal fairs in Yerevan. You can buy funny and touching souvenirs and choose gifts for friends and family members, and most importantly – to make all purchases at most affordable prices.

      New Year toys

      New Year gifts


      Reason 10th – New Year in Yerevan

      You will definitely remember for a long time celebrating New Year 2024 in the capital of Armenia! Yerevan is filled with a truly magical atmosphere in New Year’s Eve – everywhere you can see shiny Christmas trees and decorated shop windows.  The city is illuminated with thousands of multicolored lights after nightfall, and it feels like you appear in real New Year’s fairytale!

      Festive Yerevan

      New Year mood in Yerevan


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