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      One of the most beloved seasons is spring, which is ready to accept us into its warm embrace, and we, mere mortals, just cannot resist the temptation to escape into the countryside. The awakening of nature encourages people to enjoy the beautiful days of spring. Well, let’s see how and where to spend the spring season.


      field of Khor Virap monastery with picturesque Ararat mount


      From that point of view we, Armenians, are very lucky. Nature has given us such a variety of beautiful places that one can make a huge list of places on each weekend. So, what kinds of activities are waiting for us in this season? Ride horses! That is an excellent choice for a memorable and active weekend. And, of course, that is a good opportunity to combine the pleasant and the useful. It’s a well-known fact that horse riding brings to work most of the human muscle system, improves posture, and also has a considerable psychological impact. Psychologists say that taking under control such a powerful and strong animal as a horse, a person greatly increases the internal self.  Why do not take advantage of such a good opportunity? For example, a travel company One Way, constantly organizes horse riding tours at very competitive prices.



      If you have not yet seen the miracle of medieval architecture – Amberd fortress, which served as the summer residence of the royal family, the spring is a good time to do this. Not far away from the fortress on the slopes of Mount Aragats, Vahramashen church is located.

      A good option for weekend breaks are also tours with the study of the flora and fauna of the area.  In Europe, many travel companies offer ecological tours, during which we can come closer and get in touch with nature, learn about the herbs and even collect them by ourselves. These tours may initially seem a little strange, but you will agree, that a lot of people these days hardly differ even parsley from cilantro. So as an option can serve wonderful snowdrop tours, violet tours and other wildflowers, this is also very interesting to attend.


      Garni temple

      You can spend just fantastic time in Artsakh in spring. It is at this time of year in Artsakh that local people start to prepare a unique, occurring only here zhingyalov hats (bread with greens). This unique bread can not only be tasted, but you can also participate in the cooking process. It is also a good opportunity to explore the sights of Artsakh, such as Shushi, Gandzasar, Vank Cathedral, the monument “We – our mountains,” and much more. It is especially attractive in the spring in the gorge of Hunot, where famous waterfalls-umbrellas are. Do not forget about another kind of tourism – pilgrimage, which becomes more active after the holy Easter. With your family and friends, you can go on a pilgrimage tour, with a heart full of happiness and hope.


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      Author: Ani Karapetyan