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      Sometimes there are such tours in Armenia, during which it is possible to make observations and get acquainted with the fauna of Armenia. If you have such preferences while visiting Armenia, then definitely consider this, when you are planning your stay with tour agencies in Armenia. Tours to Nagorno Karabakh also give exceptional opportunities, the natural world of which doesn’t inferior to Armenia.

      Bezoar goat

      Caucasian leopard

      In general, fauna has an important role and it’s difficult to imagine human activity without it.  Animal resources can provide with food, precious furs and leather, and at times some animals serve as manpower to people. In addition to the importance in human life, animals are the most important components of nature as well, as they have a major role in the formation of ecosystems, regulation of natural environment and in other aspects. Due to biogeographical position, Armenia’s fauna is distinguished by its diversity. There are as many species of animals in Armenia, as in the entire territory of Europe. 17000 invertebrate animals are represented in several classes, 90% of which are insects. There are 523 species of vertebrates the richest class of which is the birds with a ratio of approximately 67%.

      Armenian mouflon


      Unlike the flora, it is difficult to speak about the distribution of animal species by zones, however, it is possible to give a certain classification. Armenia has wild, but relatively safe fauna. This can be ascertained by participating in tours in Armenia and in Nagorno Karabakh organized by tour agencies. Common animals are the wolf, rabbit, bear, fox etc. Common birds are eagle, falcon, owls, quail and partridge. Reptiles and spideries are typical to desert and semi-desert zones. Poisonous snakes are common in the foothills. Viper is particularly known among them for its deadly bite. There are also a variety of insects, such as poisonous tarantulas and scorpions. Bezuaryan goat, wild sheep and panther are typical to mountainous arid vegetation zone.



      In mountain steppes birds are of special importance for agriculture, as they caught insects damaging crops. The birds are diverse also in sub-alpine and alpine zones. Mammals are especially typical to the forest zones of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. Animals in waters and marshes are also diverse. The number of fishes gets to 26 in lakes and rivers. Lake Sevan is of great importance with its reserves of fishes, especially for its trout, salmo and acclimatized whitefish. There are 13 species of fishes in the river Araks. Upper streams of the mountain rivers are rich with trouts, and the queen of Lake Arpi is the carp. While taking tours to Armenia, it’s worth of tasting any type of Armenian fish.

      Sevan trout


      The number of endemic animals in Armenia is not less impressive. 316 invertebrates are found only in Armenia, over 100 of which are considered rare and endangered species. In addition, 23 species of 53 reptiles are endemic for the fauna of the Armenian Highland and the Caucasus. Only 7 mammals are endemic out from 83 species.  Indigenous fish species are the trout of Lake Sevan, barbell of Sevan and Armenian dace. Some species of reptiles and birds come to complete this range. According to the data of 2007-2009 studies, the Red book of animals of RA includes 153 species of vertebrates and 155 species of invertebrates.

      Rostombekov's Rock Lizard

      Armenian viper

      Diverse fauna formed due to the favorable geographical position makes the tours to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh more interesting. Especially during fine weather your visit in Armenia will be accompanied by warble of different birds, and if by chance you are in the mountainous or forest areas, it is likely that you’ll meet some endemic animals.


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