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      One of the most important religious festivals has a significant role in Armenian traditions. Some local customs are very distinctive, others (i.e. painting of eggs) are common around Christians all over the world. Easter is the most beloved spring holiday, which symbolizes new awakening and trust. It celebrated is in Armenia in every family, beginning from the capital up to the furthest village. At Easter Armenians greet each other with the following words: “Christ is Risen!”, and the response is “Truly, He is Risen”.

      Armenian Easter

      Christ is Risen!


      When is Easter celebrated in Armenia in 2024?

      The Easter day is determined for each year as it is tightly intertwined with other religious festivals and church calendar. Because of this each year the festival can have a different date in the period between the end of March up to the middle of April. On the last Sunday before Easter Tsaghkazard is celebrated (in Armenian it means “ covered with flowers”). This festival meets Palm Sunday in the Orthodox Church. The whole house is decorated with branches of willow during this festival. Flower wreaths made with willow branches are symbols of happiness during the year. You can find these wreaths near the churches. In 2021 Easter is celebrated in Armenia on April 4.


      Great Lent


      How do Armenians celebrate Easter?

      Armenians celebrate Easter usually at home with family and relatives. Painted eggs are the main attributes of the festival. Earlier it was used to paint the eggs only in red, but today all the colors of the rainbow are used. This tradition is especially beloved among children. They gather in the yard to “fight”, breaking the egg of the rival with his one. One of the main dishes on the holiday table is pilaf with raisins and fish. Traditional bread lavash and fresh herbs are served with. As a dessert, for sure, there is a flavored Easter cake with dried raisin and dried fruits.

      Armenians celebrate Easter

      Armenians celebrate Easter


      Easter tours to Armenia

      If you have decided to celebrate Easter in Armenia, you can take advantage of a special offer. Special Easter tour includes trips to the sights of Yerevan and other regions (Byurakan, Amberd, Monastery of Khor Virap, Garni temple, Monastery of Geghard, Dilijan, Lake Sevan, Monastery of Tatev, Ejmiatsin, etc.). You will see how Easter is celebrated in the capital and in regions, learn about the unique and centuries-old traditions. Easter is a great opportunity to combine rest with familiar excursions, which will give you new knowledge and impressions.

      Khor Virap

      Sevan National Park


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