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      “Zvartnots” Airport has a history of more than half a century. The first airport terminal was built in 1961. Later, the airport was rebuilt several times. Due to increased demands and traffic flow, new passenger and cargo terminals have been added  “Zvartnots” Airport was named “Best Airport in the CIS” during the Emerging Markets Airports Award (EMAA) ceremonies held in Dubai, UAE in 2013. Today “Zvartnots” is a major international transport unit, which serves more than 2 million passengers a year, and its area is more than 30.000 sq. m.

      Friendly service

      “Zvartnots” International Airport


      General information about “Zvartnots” Airport

      “Zvartnots” Airport is fully in line with international air standards: safety parameters, quality of service etc. There are cozy lounges, free Wi-Fi, and a telephone for passengers and greeters. There are branches of local banks, currency exchange offices, souvenir shops, Duty Free shops, cafes and restaurants serving international cuisine at the airport. There are 49 registration points with CUTE technology for self-service, for those passengers who have purchased an electronic ticket for the flight. At the airport, there is a 24-hour customer support service dealing with any issues.

      Terminals in “Zvartnots” Airport

      Business lounge


      From which countries are flights to “Zvartnots” airport

      “Zvartnots” Airport provides direct air communication of Armenia with many countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia. The list of countries may change or expand with the development of the airport. Flights to the following countries are carried out: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Malta, the United Arab Emirates, France, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Austria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Korea, Kuwait, and others. “Zvartnots” Airport operates with more than 30 airlines, 19 of them are regular partners.

      High quality aircrafts

      Cozy lounges for passengers and greeters


      How to get from “Zvartnots” Airport to the city?

      Airport services also include a taxi service. You can take a taxi and drive to the city at any time of the day. The ride takes about 20 minutes. During the day, public transport also operates in this direction. Route taxis (number 107 and 108) start from 6 a.m., and the bus (number 201) starts at about 7:30. A trip to the city by public transport takes from 40 minutes to an hour.

      Taxi service

      Parking in “Zvartnots” Airport


      Useful information, contacts

      There is a baggage search service at “Zvartnots”, where you can go in case of complete or partial loss of baggage, as well as damage. There is also an online scoreboard on the website of the airport,  that operates in real time and displays the status of flights. For any questions regarding the date and time of flights, or regarding the service, you can contact via phone number: +374 10 493 000.

      “Zvartnots” International Airport

      Terminals in “Zvartnots” Airport


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