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      The best vacation idea for your holidays in the cold season is a rest in Armenia in winter surrounded by fairy-tale snow landscapes. Armenia is a great place to travel with the whole family where active winter holidays will be combined with exciting tours to the sights of the country. A winter vacation break in Armenia is an excellent gift for loved ones.

      Winter in Armenia

      Winter in Armenia


      Winter holidays in Armenia

      The advantage of a winter vacation break in Armenia is that it offers the best conditions for quality holidays vacations. The travel packages include the organization of interesting excursions, high-quality service and the availability of necessary equipment for winter sports. In addition the guests of the country who prefer a passive vacation have the opportunity to spend their holidays in the medical sanatoriums of Armenia. Different holiday deals will pleasantly surprise tourists with its affordable prices.

      Winter sports in Armenia

      Winter resorts in Armenia

      Many festive events will be organized in the country in the winter of 2023-2024. It’s a great vacation idea to celebrate Christmas and New Year here. The mild climate in Armenia will make the trip very comfortable. Other traditional Armenian holidays are also celebrated in the end of the winter season. For example Trndez, when future spouses jump over the fire to strengthen their union or St. Sargis’s Day which is an alternative to St. Valentine’s Day. Due to weather conditions in Armenia you can walk around the capital in winter drowning in festive lights and bright Christmas decorations.

      Best places to go in Armenia in winter vacations

      It is recommended to start winter vacations in Armenia with the capital where is a moderate snowy weather. Yerevan offers countless cozy restaurants, bars, cafes and other places to visit for those who like to bask over a cup of tea or mulled wine. Here you can also taste the famous Armenian dishes and get new pleasant acquaintances.

      Armenian dishes

      Warmth in winter

      After seeing the sights of the capital you should travel to its surroundings where you can visit the fascinating ski resorts. You can go on skiing or snowboarding at the resorts in Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Lake Sevan. All listed ski resorts have modern high-quality equipment and offer their visitors the highest level of service. There are all necessary conditions for winter sports both for professionals and for amateurs at these travel destinations.

      Tsaghkadzor ski resort

      Lake Sevan

      If you want to learn to skate you can find all the possibilities for it. The main skating rink of the capital is located in the heart of Yerevan. Another place for skating is the Main Sports Complex. It is not necessary to have expensive skates as they can be rented at the lowest price. Winter vacations in Armenia also involve trip to Lake Sevan, a visit to the pagan temple of Garni and monastery complex Geghard and other places to go. Little travelers will be delighted with such unforgettable winter vacations.

      Weather in Armenia in winter

      Winter in Armenia is snowy but generally mild and has short duration. The amount of precipitation increases closer to spring. The air temperature in winter reaches an average of +2 ° C. Due to the peculiar geographical location of Armenia the weather can vary in different regions of the country.

      Trndez (Armenian holiday)

      Trndez (Armenian holiday)


      Winter vacation travel packages in 2024

      Stunning natural landscapes of Armenia are especially beautiful in winter. Therefore travel package to this sunny country is a wonderful solution for winter vacations. There are many entertainment events planned in Armenia along with cognitive tours and rest in medical resorts in winter 2023-2024 which are dedicated to the celebration of Christmas, New Year and other holidays. 

      New Year

      New Year

      A trip to Armenia with the family is the best choice for organizing winter vacations.


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