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      A limited budget is not a reason to refuse to get acquainted with Armenia. Holidays can be quite affordable here. Inexpensive options for budget tours allow you to choose an excursion program, depending on your interests and those attractions that you would like to visit. Many significant sights are located relatively close to Yerevan. By the way, even living in the capital can be quite affordable, for example, when staying in a room for several people in a hostel or a guesthouse.

      Highland hostel, Yerevan



      What to see on a budget in Armenia for tourists?

      As for excursions, popular destinations, which are included in tours with a limited budget, are practically similar to the usual tourist programs. Here are some options: a city tour in Yerevan, during which You can see the most interesting areas and buildings of the ancient city, with more than 2800 years of history; a tour to Garni ancient pagan temple and Geghard monastery partly built in cave etc. Some tours include visits to the churches of St. Etchmiadzin and other ancient monasteries and monuments, a trip to the most beautiful highland lake Sevan or “flight” on the world’s longest cable car “Wings of Tatev”. As you can see, even inexpensive tours will allow you to fully get acquainted with the historical and cultural sights of Armenia, visit the most popular tourist places of the country.

      Garni Temple

      Saint Anna Church, Yerevan


      Where to buy inexpensive tours and excursions in Armenia?

      Applying to ONE WAY TOUR travel agency, you can easily choose and purchase your favorite version of a budget tour to Armenia. Our inexpensive tours for 2020 are designed for 3-5 days, and the cost is nearly 70 USD per person (the price depends on the number of participants in the group). Moreover, the price includes transport services upon arrival in Armenia, accommodation (depending on the specific tour), services of a professional Russian/English-speaking guide. Depending on your wishes, the tour program may vary and change (in this case, there is probably a slight change in price).

      Tatev monastery

      Tours with ONE WAY TOUR


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.