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      Feel free to plan a trip to Armenia in August 2024, be sure that you will have an interesting and rich vacation! Do not be afraid of hot weather, in fact, visiting Armenia in August has a range of advantages. So, for example, the middle of August in Armenia marks the beginning of harvesting fruit. Arriving in Armenia at this time, you can taste the “sunny” fruit of the Armenian orchards and take away unforgettable memory of their unique taste.

      Sunny fruit

      Summer breath


      Where to go in Armenia in August?

      Of course, fruit is not the only advantage. In fact, August is a great time for out-of-town tours and excursions. It is not so hot in the regions as in Yerevan during this period, and clear dry weather is perfect for walking, hiking, picnics and visiting monuments under the open air. By the way, it is in August that the beach season starts in Lake Sevan. The water temperature rises above 20°C in August.


      Sevan Wishup beach


      Things to do in Yerevan in August

      If you have decided to spend a few days in Yerevan – the capital of Armenia, you will not be bored! However, in sunny hours of the day, it is better to hold off walking in the open air. But, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend these hours visiting a variety of mesuems located in Yerevan. Among the most popular places to visit are Matenadaran, the Armenian Genocide Museum, S. Paradjanov Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Erebuni Archaeological Museum. 


      Armenian ancient manuscripts

      If you want to cool down, just visit the local water park, where you will find a lot of entertainment and water attractions. Make sure to take a walk in the center of Yerevan in the evening. Walk along the Northern Avenue, admire the show of “singing fountains” in the central square, or visit cozy open-air cafes, where delicious fragrant black coffee will be served to you.

      "Singing fountains"

      Water Park in Yerevan


      Weather in Armenia in August

      July and August are the hottest months in Armenia. The last month of summer, as a rule, gives the maximum clear sunny days. The air temperature seldom drops below 30 °C in Yerevan in August, and the column of the thermometer sometimes shows over 40 °C. However, weather is much cooler in the mountain regions and Lake Sevan even in August. So if you have planned a country tour, especially with an overnight stay, do not forget to take some warm clothes with you.

      Hiking tours with ONE WAY TOUR

      Mount Aragats


      Holidays and events in August 2024

      Around mid-August one of the most interesting Armenian holidays is the Day of the Blessing of Grapes. The roots of the annual blessing of grapes (and the whole harvest) go back to distant paganism. However, now the tradition coincides with the day of the Assumption of the Saint Mary and is celebrated as an important religious holiday. The first torn grapes are brought to the church on this day, and at the end of the rite are distributed to the visitors. It is believed that only after the blessing it is possible to begin the collection of grapes (which is also one of the symbols of Armenia), and only after that the best wine will be made from the harvest.

      The Day of the Blessing of Grapes

      The day of the Assumption of the Saint Mary


      Tours and excursions in August

      A full range of our tours and excursions are available for those arriving in Armenia in August 2024. You can choose from several types of classical tours, choosing a destination that you prefer. One of the most popular places to visit is Lake Sevan and do not forget about excursions to the main sights of the country (from 413 USD). For adventure lovers there are variants of hiking and horse riding (from 487 USD). 

      Adventurous tours, zip-line

      Peninsula on Lake Sevan

      Special thematic tours will allow you to take part in local festivals, taste delicious dishes of Armenian cuisine and take photos of the most picturesque corners of Armenia (from 340 USD). There are also available several types of budget tours (from 100 USD). On our website you can find information about tours and excursions, as well as read reviews of our customers.


      National Festivals


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.