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      Vaccine tours are a new type of medical tourism that has emerged against the background of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tour operators started offering this type of trip back in the early autumn of last year, and since then the demand for vaccine tours has only been gaining momentum. For residents of many countries, such a trip is a great opportunity to get vaccinated with one of the internationally recognized vaccines, which is most necessary for those whose activities are associated with frequent travel and flights.

      Vaccination rules for foreigners



      Reasons for the growing popularity of vaccine tours to Armenia

      Vaccine tours to Armenia began to gain popularity relatively recently, previously Serbia and Croatia were considered the leaders of such tourism. However, after the European Commission recognized the vaccination certificates issued in Armenia as valid in October 2021, the demand for tours to Armenia increased sharply. One of the main reasons is the affordability of such a trip, which is much cheaper than any other vaccine tour. For citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, another huge plus is the absence of a language barrier.




      What vaccines can be vaccinated in Armenia?

      Medical institutions in Armenia offer foreign citizens a choice of several types of foreign vaccines. You can get vaccinated with the British drug “AstraZeneca”, American “Moderna”, Chinese “Sinopharm” or “CoronaVac”.




      Which countries mainly come to Armenia to get the vaccine

      Vaccine tours to Armenia are very popular mainly among citizens of Russia and neighboring countries. Armenia has a visa-free regime with most of these countries, which means there is no need to spend time, effort and money on processing a large number of documents before traveling. A significant number of tourists from Iran also come to get vaccinated. Russian citizens can enter Armenia with an internal passport. As of the end of December 2021, more than six thousand Russians have already taken advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated in Armenia. According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, Armenia is currently the most affordable destination for vaccine tours.

      Vaccination rules for foreigners

      Internal passport


      Rules of vaccination and revaccination of foreigners in Armenia

      Foreign citizens (as well as citizens of Armenia) can get vaccinated and revaccinated by contacting any local polyclinic, seven days a week. Revaccination (booster dose) is available after 6 months after full vaccination (i.e. receiving a second vaccination). To get vaccinated in a medical institution, it is enough to present a passport. In the warm season, mobile vaccination points also operate in the capital, which, as a rule, are located in the most crowded and popular places of the city. Usually a vaccine tour takes 2-3 days, which is quite enough to not only get vaccinated, but also get acquainted with the local hospitality, delicious Caucasian cuisine and the main sights of the city.

      Vaccination rules for foreigners



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