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      Summer is the best time to spend your holidays in Armenia and to see a real, sunny, hospitable country in all its glory. The center of the Armenian capital will welcome you with many original souvenir shops, cozy cafés where it is so nice to sit during cool evenings, enjoying a cup of strong black coffee, as well as an unforgettable taste of juicy fruits that have absorbed the real “summer sun scent”. You will certainly remember your vacation in Armenia for a long time.


      Northern Avenue, Yerevan


      Best places to see and to visit in Armenia in Summer

      Armenia is a country of many open-air attractions. In this regard, summer is one of the best and most convenient seasons for acquaintance with the historical and architectural monuments of Armenia and spend unforgettable holidays. Most tours include a visit to the ancient pagan temple of Garni, carved into the rock Geghard monastery, the beautiful high-mountainous Lake Sevan. During your vacation you should definitely visit Tatev monetary, reaching it on the longest cable car in the world, and of course, take a walk through the evening Yerevan and watch the fascinating “show of singing fountains” in the central square of the capital.

      Garni temple

      Republic Square


      Weather in Armenia in summer

      Summer in Armenia is quite hot, the air temperature in Yerevan in the middle of July-August can rise to + 35º +38º Celsius. However, Armenia is a good idea for vacation due to the low humidity of the air, the heat is transferred quite easily. At the same time, the climate of the high-mountainous regions is cooler; sometimes the “rupture” in the temperature can be up to 10-12 degrees, which should be taken into account when travel destination during your vacation is countryside excursions.

      Weather in Yerevan

      Sevan Lake


      The best places for summer holidays in Armenia

      The resort zones of Armenia will surprise you with picturesque natural scenery and will give a wonderful summer vacation, whether you are travelling alone or with your family. Dilijan is a fabulous place to go, which is located in the mountains and surrounded by thick oak and conifer forests. Even in the height of summer, there is a pleasant coolness, and the air is very clean and fresh. This is one of the best travel destinations.

      Haghartsin Monastery, Dilijan


      Jermuk is a health resort with a variety of mineral springs and high-class sanatoria. In addition, there are beautiful spots in Jermuk, where you can admire the huge waterfall, surrounded by a dense forest.



      Sevan is a high mountain lake called the “pearl” of Armenia. All kinds of beach resorts and entertainment are available here, and the swimming season lasts approximately from mid-June to mid-September. Choosing a package for your vacations do not forget to include Sevan to your list of places to visit. Among the resorts of Armenia it is worth noting Aghveran, Arzni, Ankavan and Tsaghkadzor, each of them has its own unique features.

      Sevan Lake

      Sevanavank Monastery


      Active vacations, summer vacation in mountains

      The nature and mountainous regions of Armenia are the ideal destination for families and nature enthusiasts. Summer holiday in Armenia is a great opportunity not only to have a good vacation, but also to try yourself in various kinds of extreme sports. There are all places to go for hiking, climbing or rafting on mountain rivers. You can also make an unforgettable flight on a paraglider.

      Mount Aragats



      Prices in Armenia. Cost of tours and excursions in Armenia in 2024

      One of the main “pluses” of summer holidays in Armenia in 2024 is affordable prices; choosing a package you can find suitable tours, practically with any financial opportunities. Our agency will gladly offer you classic sightseeing tours (from $ 413 per person), adventure tours (from $ 487 per person) or special tours of interests (from $ 340 per person). There is also an excellent choice of inexpensive travel packages that will suit young people, students and simply preferring budgetary options for summer holidays (cost of a voucher from $ 100 per person) 2024.

      Haghpat Monastery

      Sevanavank Monastery


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