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      Armenia is a beautiful country with an amazing history and fascinating beauty of nature. Despite the absence of seasonal restrictions for the trip travel to Armenia in the spring is quite a good solution for organizing the vacations due to the stunning climate and holiday deals with lowest cost of tour packages in the best travel destinations.

      Tours with ONE WAY TOUR

      Haghartsin Monastery


      Spring holiday in Armenia

      The advantage of the tour packages to Armenia in 2024 is that the summer in this country begins almost in April. Nature of Armenia manages to reveal in all its glory already in early spring. Warm weather in Yerevan and other cities creates all the necessary conditions to travel to different places to go, visits to unique monuments of history and culture, as well as organizing vacations in one of the local resorts. The trip to Armenia will be a wonderful vacation idea for the spring holidays with the whole family.

      Mountains Masis and Sis

      Hovhanavank Monastery


      Best places to go in Armenia in Spring

      It is recommended to start acquaintance with ancient Armenia with an excursion around Yerevan. Among the places to visit in the capital it is worth to highlight The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran, the ancient Erebuni Fortress, fascinating museums dedicated to art and to lives of world-famous outstanding Armenians.

      Erebuni Fortress

      Armenian dishes

      In addition, a favorable weather in the spring 2024 will allow you to visit the Yerevan Zoo, where you can see rare species of fauna, feed the animals, ride horses on the racetrack or just have a rest outdoor. Various events, concerts and exhibitions in the open air are held in Yerevan during the spring holidays. Guests of the capital will also be pleased with the beautiful city parks, cozy outdoor cafes and a wide variety of places to visit that are convenient for relaxing after excursions and tours.

      Republic square



      Weather in Armenia in Spring

      Vacations in Armenia in the spring practically doesn’t differ from vacations in the summer months. The warm season comes quickly enough and the average temperature of air reaches about 10-12°C already in March. The weather in April fluctuates within 17-19°C and in May it reaches above 20°C. Packages with any travel destinations are available for guests of Armenia in the spring which is especially convenient for making tours to best sightseeing spots.

      Tours with ONE WAY TOUR

      Zorats karer


      Spring vacation travel packages in 2024

      Many holidays and festive events take place in Armenia in spring. Unlike most nations local residents are not limited to one International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8. Holiday dedicated to women lasts a whole month and ends on April 7 the Day of Beauty and Motherhood.

      Festive Yerevan

      March 8 in Yerevan

      The Armenians give great importance to Easter as a country that first adopted Christianity. Tour packages to Armenia is an excellent opportunity to spend an eventful holiday with a pilgrimage tour to ancient temples and monasteries, as well as to take part in festivals and religious rituals with affordable holiday deals. In addition, it is a good vacation idea and a beautiful gift for beloved women.




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