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      “Golden Autumn” is a phrase that fully describes the second autumn month in Armenia. Indeed, the first half of October is dry and clear, the weather is pleasant cool. Trees gradually get yellow and red autumn “decorations”, giving a special charm to both city parks and country recreation areas. Fruit abundance continues in October, golden pears, a variety of apples and one of Armenian symbolic fruits , pomegranate, are added to the “sunny” grapes, peaches, sweet watermelons and melons.

      Autumn in Armenia, Lastiver

      Golden Autumn


      What to see in Armenia in October?

      Clear October days are a great time for excursions. You can visit almost all the sights of Armenia under the open sky at this time of the year. The program of your trip can include the ancient temple of Garni, the monasteries of Geghard, Tatev, Echmiadzin, Khor Virap and many other historical and architectural “treasures”. 

      Tatev monastery

      Khor Virap

      Resort areas of Armenia, such as Tsakhkadzor, Jermuk, Dilijan, Hankavan, are open for tourists in October. You can even relax on Lake Sevan. Of course, swimming is no longer possible, but the stunning natural views and the taste of freshly baked trout on the coals more than compensate everything.

      Dilijan, Haghartsin monastic complex



      Weather in Armenia in October

      October in Armenia can be considered the first “full-fledged” autumn month. If in September, for the most part, the weather remains hot, then you can already feel pleasant coolness in October, and even night frosts can be observed in some high-mountain areas. However, as 2024 turned out to be rather hot, October is expected to be warmer than usual. 

      Autumn colours in Armenia

      Lake Gosh

      For most of the month, the daily temperature will hold at + 20 and slightly higher. At the same time, significant rainfall is not expected. So, planning your vacation in Armenia in October 2024, you do not have to stock up with a lot of warm clothes, you should take only a few convenient things for country excursions.

      Autumn fairy-tale

      Lake Gosh


      Holidays and events in October

      Armenia celebrates the birthday of its capital city – Yerevan in October. The holiday is called “Erebuni-Yerevan”, after the name of the ancient city-fortress of Erebuni, founded by the king Argishti on this territory thousands years ago. Today, the territory of excavations of Erebuni is an archaeological museum and one of the main attractions of Yerevan. Anyone can visit the fortress. “Erebuni-Yerevan” is one of the most beloved local holidays, on this day, festive events and concerts are held in all corners of the Armenian capital. In October 2024, Yerevan will celebrate a solid anniversary – 2801 years since its foundation. On this occasion, the festivities will be held on a special scale for 2 days.

      Erebuni-Yerevan celebration

      Erebuni fortress


      Tours to Armenia in October 2024

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