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      Planning a trip to Armenia in July 2024, you definitely will not regret! Sunny, hot weather is perfect for summer entertainments, among which is the famous water festival Vardavar. You can also choose tours that include countryside trips and excursions around the country. The feedback of our customers may also help you get oriented properly and schedule your summer vocation during 2024.

      Vardavar festival near the pagan temple of Garni

      Tatev Monastery


      What to see in Armenia in July?

      July is a sunny and hot time, which means a favorite time for trips to the countryside for seeing and feeling marvelous nature. A variety of destinations and places to visit is quite broad: it can be mineral springs and waterfalls of Jermuk, cool forest areas of Dilijan or cozy rest areas in Aghveran. Approximately, in mid-July, the height also reaches beaches of Sevan, when the water of the mountain lake is finally warming up to a comfortable 18-20 degrees. In addition, you can always combine a countryside trip with participation in excursions and sightseeing.

      Dilijan, Lake Parza

      Jermuk, Mermaid Hair waterfall


      What to do in Yerevan in July?

      Summer heat is no obstacle to enjoyable entertainment! During the day, the whole family can go to the Yerevan water park, swim, relax, sit in the shade with a glass of soft drink or try many water attractions. The best time for walking around the city is in the evening; you can walk along the Northern Avenue, look into the cute souvenir shops, and later admire the colorful “show of singing fountains” in the Republic Square.

      Singing Fountains, Republic Square

      Northern Avenue, Yerevan


      Weather in Armenia in July

      July is one of the hottest months in Armenia. During this period in Yerevan, the thermometer’s column holds firmly at 300 and above. It is a little cooler in mountainous areas, so if planning a country trip, do not forget to take a couple of warm clothes. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the heat in Armenia is tolerable, due to the low humidity of air, which, for example, in Yerevan is at this time close to zero.

      Summer weather in Armenia

      Sevanavank monastery


      What fruits are in Armenia in July?

      The sunny taste of Armenian fruits is one of the brightest memories that tourists carry away from here. July is a great time to enjoy most of the seasonal fruits. You can “catch” apricots – one of the main symbols of Armenia – in the first half of the month. You can find ripe cherry, as well as nectarines and peaches during the same period of July. Sweet, juicy watermelons and melons in July are sold almost everywhere and are quite cheap.

      Delicious, summer breath



      Holidays and events in July

      Yerevan hosts the annual Golden Apricot Film Festival in July, a large-scale and significant event, which is definitely worth visiting. A cheerful “watermelon festival” is held at the Swan Lake in the center of Yerevan on July 14. You can go there with your children to admire carved watermelons, and, of course, heartily eat ripe fruits. 

      Golden Apricot

      Festival of Watermelons

      As a rule, the most favorite summer holiday in Armenia – Vardavar – falls on July. Both old and young people pour water on each other right on the streets during Vardavar – holiday of water. Without exception, all people Participate all in Vardavar, because it is believed that the water in Vardavar brings health and well-being for a whole year ahead.

      Water games in Vardavar festival

      Fire truck during Vardavar celebration


      Tours and excursions in July

      ONE WAY TOUR consultants will be happy to help you plan your trip and organize your vacation in Armenia. There are several types of classic tours, including excursions to the main places to visit and sights of the country. Fans of outdoor activities will certainly like adventure tours; there are special tours for fans of photography, archeology, etc. We also have several types of budget tours available, and customer feedback on our website can help you make a final choice.

      Sevanavank monastery

      Haghpat Monastery


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.