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      Sevan is one of the largest freshwater high-altitude (alpine) lakes in Eurasia. It is located at an altitude of more than 1900 m above sea level. The length of the lake is 75 km, the maximum depth is about 100 m, and the surface area is about 1400 sq.m. The shores of Sevan are characterized by picturesque and very diverse nature; here you can find green alpine fields, rocky cliffs and large pebbly beaches. Moreover, a huge water “mirror”, surrounded by the high peaks of the four mountain ranges, is an unusually beautiful and spectacular sight at sunset.

      Sunset in Sevan

      Evening Sevan


      Where is Lake Sevan located?

      Lake Sevan is located in a high mountain region to the northeast of Yerevan at a distance of about 60 km. The road directly along the Sevan highway takes quite a bit of time; you can get here both by taxi and by transport (buses, minibuses). Optimal option – very accessible excursions, including also transportation.

      Sevan highway

      The Sevan Peninsula


      The weather in Sevan and the water temperature in summer

      Traveling to Sevan even during summer season, do not forget to take a couple of warm clothes, because even if there is an unbearable heat in the capital, the lake will certainly meet you with a breeze and pleasant coolness. Closer to the evening it can become cold (up to +9), and a light breeze will turn into a gusty wind. The water in Sevan is also quite cool. Even during the swimming season (from July to mid-September), the water temperature rarely rises above +20 degrees. If you have planned to travel to Armenia for the summer of 2024, consider that you are lucky – the unusually hot weather this year allowed the water to warm up to a record + 24 degrees.

      Sevan beaches



      Prices for holidays on Lake Sevan

      Rest on Sevan is also attractive in terms of prices. If you are planning a small one-day excursion during your holiday, then it is possible to keep within the amount of 5000-8000 drams (approximately 10-15 USD). Such tours include, as a rule, transportation (from Yerevan and back), sightseeing of local historical and architectural monuments and guide service. Accommodation in a comfortable hotel will cost you from 15000 – 20000 drams a day (about 30-40 USD). Prices for food in restaurants nearby the shores can vary slightly; however, mostly they do not differ much from the prices in capital. By the way, here you can taste delicious Sevan trout, cooked on coals.

      Sailing in Sevan

      Tour to Sevan lake


      Sevan lake hotels, places to stay at Sevan lake beach

      Travelling to Lake Sevan in summer, you can definitely settle down comfortably on the shores. The choice is very wide – from budget beach houses and gazebos to luxury modern European-style hotels with their own clean beaches, swimming pools, playgrounds and recreational areas. Among the most famous large hotels are the hotel complex “Blue Sevan”, the complex “Harsnakar” with its own water park. There are also mini-hotels, perfectly suitable for a romantic holiday.

      Harsnaqar resort complex

      Water attractions in Harsnakar


      Travel to lake Sevan with family

      The vast majority of hotels and guesthouses in Sevan will offer you excellent conditions for holidays with children. Beaches with soft, velvety sand, playgrounds and specially equipped play areas, and finally, a fun water park with many water attractions are at your disposal. Babysitting services are available in some hotels.

      Beach in Sevan

      Family holiday near Lake Sevan


      What to do in Sevan?

      Summer 2024 is a great time not only to travel and relax in Armenia, but also to get acquainted with the sights of Sevan. Among the most famous are the ancient monastery of Sevanavank (9th century). The building of the monastery stands on top of a small hill with a fantastic view of the lake. It is also worth visiting the Hairavank monastery and the “khachkar cemetery”, where a huge number of unique carved stones rest with never-repeated ornamentation.

      Hayravank Monastery

      Noratus - Cemetery of khachkars


      Tours and excursion to Lake Sevan

      Most of the tours in Armenia in summer 2024 organized by our agency include a trip to Sevan and local “monuments in the open air”. Both transportation costs and the price of the excursion are included in the price of the general tour. However, if you wish, you can choose the most suitable option for you on Sevan.

      Joyful mood on shores of Lake Sevan

      Resort vacation


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