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      Winter is notable for its special charm in Armenia. It is the best time to relax in ski resorts, as well as great time for cozy evening get-together with a cup of hot black coffee or a glass of “sunny” Armenian wine. We should pay special attention to the main event of winter – New Year holidays. Armenians are very fond of New Year, which is always celebrated luxuriously.
      You will also have an opportunity to visit many places of interest in winter. To find a suitable tour, you can also read reviews on our website.

      Xmas-tree in Republic square, Yerevan



      What to see in Armenia in December?

      Not all country destinations for excursions may be available in Armenia in winter: it becomes difficult to pass many mountain roads because of snow. However, you will certainly have an opportunity to see important sights not far from Yerevan, for example, the pagan temple Garni, the Geghard monastery or Etchmiadzin cathedral.

      Pagan temple of Garni

      Etchmiadzin Cathedral

      A trip to the ski resort Tsakhkadzor will give you a whole day of active vacation and fun pastime on the snowy slopes, regardless of physical training. A trip to Lake Sevan will allow you to admire the unique landscapes and winter views, as well as try the local “brand” dish: Sevan trout baked on the coals.

      Ski resort, Tsakhkadzor

      Sevan trout (Ischchan)


      Weather in Armenia in December

      Despite the size of the territory of Armenia, the climate here is very diverse, from mild subtropical to continental with snowy winters and hot summers. You can easily feel temperature changes as you go higher in elevation: sometimes temperature can be different even in different areas of the same city. The average air temperature is -5 degrees on plain territories and -14 degrees in mountains in the winter season.

      Yerevan Cascade

      Sevanavank monastery


      Holidays and events in December

      The main event of December is of course the celebration of New Year! Preparations begin long before the holidays – shops, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers already “put on” elegant decorations in Yerevan in the first days of the month. Bright, sparkling with a variety of lights, Christmas decorations are set right on the streets, and the Northern Avenue located in the very heart of the city turns into a colorful New Year’s fair.

      New Year mood in North Avenue

      New Year and Christmas in Yerevan

      So, having arrived in the capital even in the first half of December, you will already feel the pre-holiday spirit and the approach of the New Year’s fairy tale. By the way, there are many sales at this time, and you can also buy gifts for your friends and relatives at very affordable prices.

      New Year's Discounts

      New Year gifts


      Tours to Armenia in December 2024 and prices

      Our agency offers several different types of tours and populr destinations to Armenia in December 2019. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best variant. Most tours include: transfer (in Armenia), comfortable accommodation, breakfast, guide service and entrance tickets for excursions and visiting popular sights. Prices for winter tours start from $ 136 per person.
      So we will be waiting for your reviews and welcome to Armenia.

      New Year in Yerevan

      Fireworks in Republic square, Yerevan


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