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      The weather is soft, lovely and sunny in April in Armenia; green fresh grass covers the ground, and even in the central streets in Yerevan one can feel the incredible, pleasant aroma of blooming fruit trees that are seen in a wide variety. The beauty of Armenia “in bloom” is difficult to describe in words, but believe us, once you see you will never forget this delightful sight.

      Spring in Yerevan

      Spring in Armenia


      Places to visit in Armenia in April

      April is an excellent time for any excursion to the main tourist attractions and destinations in Armenia. The beautiful high-mountainous Lake Sevan is an amazing place to visit in spring, the ancient pagan temple of Garni is also worth seeing, as well as various churches and monasteries, which are distinguished by architectural unique elements (for example, Geghard monastery, partially carved directly in the rock). Of course, any tour will be incomplete without a walk through Yerevan in spring and getting acquainted with the special, tasty and varied Armenian cuisine in local cafes and restaurants.

      Garni temple in spring

      Sevanavank Monastery


      Weather in Armenia in April

      April in Armenia is characterized with a small amount of precipitation and cloudless, sunny days. At the same time, this season is quite mild, because it is still not the period of the scorching summer heat. The spring of 2024 is especially warm; the air temperature in Yerevan reached 20-22 °C at the end of March. 

      Spring Breath

      Bright Sky


      The good weather is expected in April as well, the average air temperature is about 16-18°C during the day (however, in mountainous areas it can be much colder). Thus, the spring of 2024 is a quite favorable time for participation in various tours and excursions in Armenia.

      Mount Aragats

      Warm spring


      Holidays and events in April

      The Motherhood and Beauty Day is on April 7 in Armenia, which is celebrated along with the traditional 8th of March. Thus, the beginning of spring starts with “women’s month”, during which all women and girls wait for congratulations, as well as discounts, promotions and pleasant surprises in most shops, cafes or restaurants.

      Motherhood and Beauty Day



      Easter – the most important holiday of spring is, as a rule, celebrated in April. Planning a trip during this period, you will have a chance to celebrate Easter according to Armenian customs and get acquainted with the original and unique local traditions associated with this important Christian holiday. April 24 is the Genocide Remembrance Day. Every year on April 24 people visit Tsitsernakaberd to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915.


      Getting ready for Easter


      Tourist destinations, tours and excursions

      ONE WAY TOUR travel agency offers you a wide range of tours and excursions in April 2024. You can choose a special Easter tour, or one of the sightseeing tours to the best places to visit in Armenia, and sunny and warm weather will let you enjoy the trip and the miracles of the Armenian nature.

      Spring holidays

      Tatev monastery


      We do our best for our customers’ convenience, so it is possible to make some changes in the program of the tour, add or remove any destination, taking into consideration client’s wishes. And even if your savings for the trip are limited, it is possible to choose one of the budget tours offered by our agency. For making final decision, you can see customer reviews of different tours on our website.

      Sasuntsi Davit (metro station)

      Republic Square


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.