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      While the traveling it is desirable to know in advance about traditions, laws and etiquette rules of the country and have a rough idea of its infrastructure. This is necessary in order to have a good rest and not to ruin the travel with any unexpected trouble. Therefore, it is important to take into account the travel advices of this article given to tourist making a tour in Armenia.

      Map of the Republic of Armenia

      Goshavank Monastery


      Where is Armenia located geographically?

      The Republic of Armenia is situated in the Transcaucasia and borders with Georgia, Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan. The geographical location of the country allows Armenia to be in both political and cultural close contact with European countries. The mountainous terrain of the country makes the natural landscapes of Armenia even more beautiful. The capital of the country is Yerevan.

      RA, Lori Region

      Geghama mountains


      Interesting facts about Armenia

      You can find absolutely clean drinking water everywhere in Armenia. This applies to both the water in the healing springs, and the one that flows from the tap in each house. It is safe enough in the country, in particular in Yerevan, so night walks are very popular here especially among travelers in the summer season.

      Cascade, Yerevan

      Republic square

      The national musical instrument is a duduk, made from a special kind of apricot tree, which grows only in Armenia. Another travel tip for tourists in Yerevan is to try local cognac. This is a national landmark which was very loved by Winston Churchill who enjoyed this Armenian drink every day.


      Armenian brandy

      Another useful advice for travelers in Armenia is a gastronomic tour within which you can taste the delicious dishes of traditional cuisine for example khash, dolma and the legendary Armenian barbecue. Armenians pay great attention to food and feast. This is a special ritual of communication for them. It is customary to welcome and feed every guest of the house.



      As it is known Armenia is the first country in the world that officially adopted Christianity in 301 as a state religion.

      Armenia is the first christian country

      Armenian khachqar


      Useful Travel Advices

      Tourists can travel with the help by an affordable public transport during the trip around Armenia including metro, shuttle buses, as well as private taxi services which are quite cheap here. You can pay only in Armenian dram in transport, shops and any other institutions.

      One of the main streets in Yerevan

      Armenian dram

      There are no national customs about the appearance of women and men, so guests can wear any comfortable clothes during the travel. It is possible to connect to free Wi-Fi signal in many places in the capital or you can use the Internet through mobile communication which is quite inexpensive.

      Tourism in Armenia

      Free WIFI in Yerevan streets

      The local electrical network has a voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz. Travelers will be able to find standard two-pin sockets almost everywhere (European analogs are available only in hotels located in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia).

      Repablic square

      One of the biggest parks in Yerevan


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