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      Tour packages to Armenia are gaining more and more popularity among tourists from India, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Islamabad, Riyadh, Manila. It is not surprising, because this multi-faceted country can offer tourists many different types of recreation at the most reasonable prices. You can come to Armenia at almost any time of the year. During the warm season, there is an opportunity to relax on the banks of Lake Sevan, improve your health at local climatic and balneological resorts (Dilijan, Jermuk, Arzni) or go on exciting excursions to ancient temples and other historical and architectural monuments, which you can find in any corner of Armenia.



      Winter tour will give you unforgettable days at local ski resorts, the largest of which – Tsakhkadzor will offer tourists the best equipment, experienced English-speaking instructors and snow tracks of international class for people with very different training levels. A trip to Armenia will be an unforgettable experience for photo tours lovers who will find a huge variety of beautiful natural landscapes here; gourmets who will have opportunity to taste all the rich flavors and aromas of Armenian cuisine; extreme lovers who can combine the trip with extreme activities. Moreover, numerous museums of Yerevan will certainly impress tourists interested in history or art.

      Snow tracks

      Armenian dolma


      Flight to Yerevan from India, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines, Oman, Saudi Arabia

      There are two international airports in Armenia: Zvartnots, located in the capital, Yerevan, and Shirak, located in the second largest city of Armenia, Gyumri. Both airports take flights from different countries (India, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Islamabad, Riyadh, Manila etc.) every day and direct flights from most major cities of the world. Tourists more often come to Armenia via Russia. A direct flight from Moscow to Yerevan takes about 2.5-3 hours (depending on the specific flight and airline), a flight from Moscow to Gyumri may take 20-30 minutes less (again, depending on the specific flight).

      Zvartnots International Airport

      Shirak Airport


      Tours to Armenia from Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Islamabad, Riyadh, Manila

      Tourists have access to a full range of entry tours to Armenia. Travel agency ONE WAY TOUR will gladly offer classic, winter, adventure, special and budget tour packages for residents of Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Islamabad, Riyadh and Manila. Travel documents to Armenia you can get in the embassy of Armenia in your country.

      Active rest in Armenia

      Sevanavank monastery


      Useful tips for tourists from India, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines, Oman and Saudi Arabia

      Yerevan is considered to be one of the safest cities where crime is minimized. So do not be surprised if a dropped wallet or a phone accidentally forgotten in a cafe is returned to you. Armenia is an ideal country for families with children; here you will find all the conditions for a pleasant family entertainment. Armenians are famous for their hospitality and friendliness towards the guests of the country, besides most of the population speaks English and Russian quite well. You can safely go for a walk in the capital, not being afraid to get lost; even in that case, any passerby will show you the way, and if necessary conducts to the place.

      Cascade in Winter

      Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

      Armenian Dram is the national currency of the country. You can exchange Euros, Dollars and Russian rubles at the nearest bank or at an exchange point, which you can easily find in any large supermarket. You can move around the city by public transport or by a taxi, which will take you at very affordable prices. You will be offered a good selection of dishes of Armenian cuisine in most restaurants and cafes in Yerevan, and also try strong black coffee, which Yerevan residents love and serve almost everywhere.

      Armenian currency - AMD (Dram)

      Armenian coffee


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.