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      Top 10 most beautiful places in Armenia for photoshoots


      Bright and interesting photos are the best way to keep the memories of the trip for many years. The article will tell you about the most beautiful places in Armenia, where you can organize an original photoshoot.

      Top 10 most beautiful places in Armenia for photoshoots

      Traveling and trips to new countries is certainly one of the brightest memories in everyone’s life. Today, with modern technology we have the opportunity for many years to keep these memories in the most vivid paints, capturing the trip on photo and video. And to get impressive shots, You don’t have to be a professional photographer at all. If you are planning to visit Armenia, then you should definitely include a visit to the tour program, although some of the top 10 places where you can take original photos that you want to watch again and again.

      Ararat Wine Factory

      Let’s start with the most interesting sights of the Armenian capital. Good cognac is, perhaps, one of the main associations that arise in thoughts when mentioning Armenia. An excursion to the famous Ararat factory will allow you to replenish your archive not only with interesting information, but also with photographs on background of the original factory building or endless rows of huge barrels, in which “ripens” the legendary drink.

      The Cascade

      The cascade is one of the symbols of Yerevan, which is, moreover, a kind of museum of contemporary art in the open air. You will get interesting pictures only at the foot of the stairs of the Cascade, but also in almost any part of it. BUT having reached the very top, you can arrange a photo session on the observation deck, against the background of the “pink city” spread out below, as if in the palm of your hand.

      Singing Fountains and North Avenue

      If you want to get unforgettable photos against the backdrop of the evening capital, It is worth going for a walk on Northern Avenue. From here you can walk to Republic Square, where a colorful show takes place every evening in the warm season “singing fountains”. Believe me, this sight is truly mesmerizing. And definitely worth it in order to capture it in memory.

      Blue Mosque

      Another interesting sight of the capital is the Blue Mosque – a monument of Islamic culture, unique in its beauty, and also a great place for extraordinary shots.

      Lake Sevan

      The nature of the country is very rich and diverse, and Lake Sevan is not in vain called a real gem of Armenia. Even if your trip did not fall on the most warm season, you should definitely go to Sevan, and “live” appreciate all the beauty of this place. By the way, they say that the water in the lake can change its shade depending on weather and time of year. However, regardless of this, photos taken here will certainly become a source of your pride.

      Monument to the Armenian alphabet

      About half an hour drive from Yerevan is the original monument to the Armenian alphabet. Carved stone letters, approximately human height, look impressive. It has already become a good tradition in Armenia to have at least one photo with the first letter of your name. Why not add a photo of your archive?

      Waterfalls of Jermuk

      A trip to the balneological resort town of Jermuk will give you a huge number of new impressions. Here you can not only taste the local mineral water, which is considered healing and plunge into the warm natural springs, but also to take great photos against the backdrop of picturesque waterfalls and untouched nature. One of the most beautiful waterfalls is “Mermaid’s Hair”, which got its name because of its special appearance, reminiscent of flowing girlish braids.

      Garni Temple and Garni Gorge

      Garni is the only surviving pagan temple on the territory of modern Armenia. You will be able to take impressive pictures, not only against the background of the building temple, reminiscent of the ancient buildings of Ancient Greece, but also against the backdrop of the beautiful local nature. Unusual rocks located in the Garni gorge, called “Symphony of Stones” is a place where you can get truly amazing shots.


      According to scientists, the Armenian Karahunj, more than one thousand years old, is an ancient observatory. This unusual megalithic complex is very reminiscent of the British Stonehenge. Do you want to get original and unusual photos from the trip? Then it is worth including Karahunj in the tour program.

      Mount Ararat and Armenian monasteries

      Pictures against the backdrop of Mount Ararat or Armenian monasteries, perhaps best of all “revive” memories, and again feel the true spirit of Armenia, even after years after the trip. It is difficult to say where exactly it is better to take a photo against this background. Indeed, in clear weather, Mount Ararat can be seen from various parts of Yerevan and its surroundings. And distinguished at the same time by beauty and asceticism Armenian temples can be found both on the territory of the capital and at any end of countries, depending on the program of your tour.


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