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      We can openly say that Armenia is simply created for mountain vacation! Here you will find an excellent choice of various types of active pastime – hiking and horseback riding, opportunities for practicing mountaineering and other sports or you can just have a good rest, enjoying crystal clear mountain air and bright, picturesque landscapes.

      Akna lake

      Gegham mountains


      The highest mountains in Armenia

      The Biblical mountain Ararat, of course, is one of the main symbols of the country, despite the fact that, it is in Turkey at the moment. However, there are many high peaks and mountainous areas in present-day Armenia, which are very interesting for tourism.
      Aragats is an ancient extinct volcano, which is “crowned” with a natural crown of the four peaks. On the slopes of the mountain you can find beautiful alpine meadows, small rivers and even small lakes. Aragats, with a height of 4090 m, is the highest mountain, not only in Armenia, but also throughout the Transcaucasia.

      The Biblical Ararat

      The south peak of Aragats

      Azhdahak (3597 m) is the highest point of Gegham mountains. Azhdahak is a very popular climbing destination for tourists, available for people with intermediate and even basic athletic training. There is the magnificent lake located in the crater of the volcano. You will certainly like walking on the slopes of Azhdahak as well: here you will see many ancient drawings and traditional stone monuments “vishapakars” (stone-dragons).

      One of the most interesting paths are  Khustup (3206 m), Ara (2,577 m), Gutanasar (2,299 m), although the list of the highest peaks of Armenia is far more numerous.

      Towards Khustup Mount

      Azhdahak mount


      Summer vacation in the mountains of Armenia

      Summer in the mountains of Armenia is a great opportunity to completely “disconnect” from the city’s rush and everyday problems, to have a good rest and spend time with benefits to health. The purest mountain air, healing water of numerous cold and mineral springs, as well as amazing beauty of wildlife in all its diversity will make your rest in the mountains of Armenia truly unforgettable.

      Beautiful Nature of Armenia

      Azhdahak mount


      Mountain resorts in Armenia

      In fact, there are a majority of mountain resorts in Armenia. To this group can be added even Lake Sevan, located very close to the two mountain ranges. Famous health resorts are Dilijan, located in the middle of the protected forest zone, and Jermuk, famous for its curative mineral springs and picturesque waterfalls. And in winter, guests are welcomed in Tsaghkadzor – an international class ski resort.

      Sevan lake

      Jermuk, waterfall “Mermaid hair”


      Hiking in the mountains

      If you really want to “penetrate” the unique spirit of Armenia, you should certainly go to hiking. You will be able to explore historical monuments under the open sky, get acquainted with the rich local flora and fauna, and at the end of the trip admire the inexpressible views that will open from the mountain peak. In addition, if you are a fan of outdoor activities, hiking is a good test that allows you to check and improve your athletic training.

      Hiking to mountains

      Hiking to Armenian Highlands


      Horseback riding in the mountains

      Horseback riding tour in Armenia is a wonderful option for those who want to relax in harmony with nature. As you know, horse riding is very useful for health, but this entertainment is not always available to the modern citizens. Horseback riding tour in Armenia will allow you to combine cognitive excursions to the most famous sights with a full rest in nature. Horse walks are conducted with an instructor and are available to people with riding experience, as well as beginners.

      Horse riding

      Mountain horse riding


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