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      One of the important advantages of a holiday in the capital of Armenia is the relative affordability of prices for most goods and popular tourist services. Even with a small, limited budget, you can always find convenient options for relaxing, exploring the sights, and of course, purchasing souvenirs and gifts.

      Armenian souvenirs

      Armenian dried fruits


      Prices at stores and markets of Yerevan in 2024

      The first thing you will notice in Yerevan is the abundance of local fruits and vegetables. Almost everything is local, fresh and natural. Moreover, fruit prices are unbelievable low. Therefore, the best seasonal fruits (peaches, grapes, pears) will cost you from 500 Drams (about 1 USD) per kilogram, and sometimes even less. Prices for dried fruits and candied fruits, which everyone carries from Armenia with them, start from 3000 Drams (about 6 USD) per kilogram.

      Armenian fruits

      Armenian apricots

      If you plan to go on shopping, the prices of clothes and shoes can also pleasantly surprise you. By the way, you can buy very high-quality local shoes, which has been known since Soviet times. As for souvenirs, here the price range is quite large. Moreover, purchasing products at the local Vernissage, you can always bargain with sellers.

      Armenian shoes

      Armenian jewelry


      Prices at restaurants and cafes of Yerevan

      Cozy small cafes are the favorite places of Yerevan residents. Here, literally on every corner you will be served strong and tasty oriental coffee really cheap – 200-500 Drams (about 0.5-1 USD). Coffee with ice cream and dessert will cost from 1500 Drams (about 3 USD) per person. Dinner at the restaurant will cost from about 4000 Drams (8 USD) per person. Here, of course, a lot depends on the menu and the chosen institution, sometimes the prices should be clarified in advance.

      Yerevan cafes

      Delicious breakfast


      Hotel prices in Yerevan

      For your stay in Yerevan, you have a huge choice of options – from inexpensive hostels, hotels and guesthouses to comfortable four- and five-star hotels. A place in a hostel will cost you 5-15 thousand Drams (10-30 $) per day. It all depends on the location and services provided. Sometimes breakfast is included in the price. The price of hotel accommodation will be from 20.000 Drams (40 $) per day. The cost of living in the best central hotels of the city is from 55.000 Drams (110 $) per day.

      Alexander Hotel, Yerevan

      Grand Hotel Yerevan


      Prices for tours in Armenia from Yerevan

      From Yerevan, there are many options for bus excursions to all major tourist destinations. The cost will depend on the duration of the tour and the program you have chosen. So the minimum one-day tour will cost 6-8 thousand Drams (12-16 USD). The program may include services for an additional fee (guide services, lunch at a restaurant, etc.). All details should be clarified with the tour operator in advance. We wish you a pleasant vacation!

      Apaga Resort

      Sevanavank Monastery


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