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      Christmas tours in Armenia are the great opportunity to hold the main event of 2023 and 2024 in a new place, to get acquainted with the Armenian traditions of celebrating the New Year and Christmas, to visit the most ancient historical and cultural sights and also to feel the warmth and hospitality of the local residents.

      Republic Square during the holidays

      New Year Eve


      New Year and Christmas in Armenia 2024

      The New Year is celebrated around the world, but in Armenia the attitude to this date is very special. Preparation for the holiday begins almost from the first days of December. By the end of the month and in January various concerts, festivals and parties are organized in Yerevan and other cities.

      Let all the dreams come true

      Northern avenue during the holidays

      Guests are always welcome here and they must be treated with dishes of own preparation. For example the obligatory attribute of the Armenian New Year’s table is the traditional dolma. Thus tours to Armenia for the New Year and Christmas 2023 – 2024 are an excellent occasion to try the masterpieces of local cuisine. Adults and children surely will like various events organized in Armenia during the Christmas.

      New Year dishes

      New Year mood


      Vacation in Armenia for Christmas holidays

      The best option for vacation in Christmas holidays is the tours in Yerevan which has all modern kinds of entertainments for tourists despite of its centuries-old age. It is for this reason that tourists from all over the world come to Armenia on Christmas every year. Due to the quality work of the tour operator it is possible to organize fascinating trips to the sights of Yerevan and Armenia during the vacation for the Christmas holidays. Tourists can visit the ancient temples, architectural monuments and fortresses.

      X-mas tree in the sqaure

      New Year market in Yerevan


      You can celebrate the Christmas and spend an unforgettable holiday both in Yerevan and in its in vicinity (for example in Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan, Jermuk, Sevan and other picturesque places of the country). Lovers of sports and active leisure will appreciate the tour in one of the ski resorts of Armenia.

      Yerevan in winter

      Yerevan festive streets

      Weather in Armenia for New Year’s and Christmas holidays

      The weather in Yerevan and Armenia in December 2023 and January 2024 promises to be warm and sometimes even sunny. At times precipitation is possible. Thus participants of the tours in Armenia are expected to have excellent conditions for spending comfortable vacation during the Christmas. The warm winter will help organize tours to various places of interest in the vicinity of Yerevan.

      Festive mood in cold winter

      Festive mood

      Christmas tours to Armenia 2024

      Tours to Armenia for Christmas holidays 2023-2024 are the best gift for relatives and friends. The tour operator will offer various options to spend a winter vacation and to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Winter tours in Armenia include the organization of holidays, trips to the famous historical sights of the country, participation in recreational activities and show programs, as well as vacation in the best resorts of the country against the background of incredibly beautiful natural landscapes.

      This is Yerevan during holidays

      Swan Lake

      The best conditions for a holiday tours are provided in Armenia for guests from all over the world since the staff of any institution is fluent in Russian, English and other languages. Christmas tours to Armenia will help to remember the winter holidays for a long time!

      New Year night



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