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      May is a perfect time for a visit to Armenia. During this month the weather is already sunny and warm, but yet not unbearable hot. Besides that, there is an opportunity to spend here May holidays which are mainly similar to the ones in Russia. So, what holidays are celebrated during May in Armenia?




      Which May holidays are celebrated in Armenia?

      May is deservedly recognized “the month of victories”. There isn’t another month, when there are so many holidays, which symbolize prominent historical milestones of the country. As in many other countries, the workers’ day is celebrated in Armenia on the 1st of May. This is deserved tribute to all the people engaged in peaceful and creative work. The 8-9th of May includes several holidays. First, this day is the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, for which Armenian people fought and gave their lives. Besides that, the 8th of May is celebrated also as the day of “Yerkrapah” (unity of volunteers that defended integrity and independence of Armenia). The third holiday is the day of the liberation of Shushi, one of the most important cities in Artsakh.  The 28th of May is considered also as holiday and non-working day. It is Republic Day in Armenia (on that day Armenia firstly proclaimed its independence).

      May 9

      Sardarapat Memorial


      How are May holidays celebrated in Yerevan and in Armenia?

      May holidays are a good reason to walk around Yerevan and cheer yourself up. Open-air concerts and other interesting and entertaining events are usually organized on that day. On May 9 most citizens go to the Victory park which is located in the territory of the city center. Here you can both have a good rest, take advantage of the rides and visit the museum dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. Some exhibits that were actual military equipment, today are represented on the territory of the park. The Holiday military parade is held in the central square of the city in the morning of the 9th of May. The day always ends with bright fireworks and concert in the central square.

      How are May holidays celebrated in Yerevan and in Armenia?

      How are May holidays celebrated in Yerevan and in Armenia?


      Weather in Armenia on May holidays

      The weather in Armenia in May is sunny and mild. The temperature in the capital at the beginning of the month is 18-20 degrees, at the end of May 2024 it maybe 24-25 degrees or even more. The temperature in mountainous areas is lower, but no so low to prevent countryside trips, excursions, and hiking tours.

      Գարունը Երևանում

      Weather in Armenia on May


      Tours and excursions in Armenia on May holidays 2024

      The weather in May allows organizing any kind of tour. Among our offers in 2024, you will surely find an option meeting your demands and preferences. Lovers of active holidays can choose one of the proposed tours. There is a large choice of classic tours including visits to main sights near the capital and along with all the country. If you are interested in beautiful settings, panoramas and the opportunity to catch all this beauty, you can choose a photo tour. Some tours like familiar archeological tours, gastronomic tours or the ethnic tours may also interest you. If you want to make a trip with minimum costs, there is a large variety of different budget tours.


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