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      If you are going on vacation in the last month of the fall 2020, do not be upset! Despite the fact that it is nearly winter, there are still quite warm and sunny days in November. This time can be devoted to visiting attractions located near the capital of Armenia. During the first half of November, when weather is still clear, you can go on tours and excursions outside the city. The nature of Armenia is especially beautiful in autumn; it pleases with all the colors of gold and crimson. You can still taste a large number of “late” autumn fruits in November. Moreover, truly Armenian hospitality will certainly warm you, despite the upcoming cold!


      Haghartsin Monastery


      What can you see in Armenia in November?

      The first half of November is still teeming with clear and rather warm days. This time can be used as an advantage, taking a tour of the sights located a short distance from the Armenian capital. You can visit the ancient pagan temple Garni with beautiful Hellenistic architecture, the amazing Geghard monastery carved in the rocks, where important relics of the Christian world are stored. You can also include in the tour program the amazing Tatev monastery, which is located almost on the edge of the cliff and can be reached by the “Wings of Tatev” – the longest cableway in the world. Treasury museum in Etchmiadzin, other numerous museums and art exhibitions in Yerevan, as well as other historical, cultural and architectural “riches” of the country are accessible to tourists throughout the year.

      An excursion to nature in Armenia will further enhance your vacation in the fall; it will allow you to temporarily forget about everyday stress and noisy everyday life of a big city. For example, you can go to the picturesque forest lake, which is called Parz. Surrounded by dense trees reflected in clear water, it is beautiful at any time of the year. If you are still in doubt about choosing a tour program and places to visit, the feedback from our customers and other tourists can help you.

      Geghard Monastery

      Parz Lake


      Weather in Armenia in November?

      As for the weather, October heat is still felt in the first half of November. Despite the fact that November is considered the threshold of winter, a month can give up to 15-17 clear and sunny days in Yerevan. It is noticeably colder toward the end of the month, night frosts are possible. The air temperature in the capital of Armenia also remains quite comfortable. Up to 20th of November, the daily temperature can stay at +15 – +16, falling at night to +2 – +7. Approximately the same picture is observed in the Ararat valley and in Dilijan. The weather is colder in Tsaghkazdor, Jermuk and Sevan. Here, during the day, the thermometer can reach +3 – +10, and the temperature can drop to several degrees below zero  at night. It is worth considering such a difference with the capital, going on an excursion to the highlands of Armenia.


      Kecharis Monastery


      Tourism destinations, tours and excursions

      When you plan your vacation in Armenia in November 2020 with ONE WAY TOUR, you will get an excellent opportunity to fully enjoy the trip and get from it absolutely ​​unforgettable experiences! The range of tours offered includes a variety of programs for every taste. You can choose classic tours with excursions to the most significant sights of the country. Fans of outdoor activities will certainly appreciate horseback riding and hiking tours. Our offers also include photo tours, gastronomic tours and other types of special tours. In case of a limited budget, you can choose one of the inexpensive budget tours. You can get acquainted with the program of various tours on our website, as well as see reviews about them, which will help you make your choice.        


      Gosh lake


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