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      Tips for those who visit Armenia for the first time


      Armenia is a country with a centuries-old history, beautiful mountain nature and friendly people. Having been here once, you will definitely want to come back again. However, any tourist, when visiting the country for the first time, has a variety of questions, the answers to which you want to know in advance, at the stage of planning a trip.



      When is the best time to plan a trip to Armenia?

      Armenia is a country with a continental climate.  Many consider Armenia an ideal place to relax in the off-season. Warm spring weather comes early enough, and the second half of May, often – already a full summer.  In the summer months it can be quite hot (up to 38-40 degrees and even higher). If you can hardly stand the heat, do not plan a trip in late July or August. In the first half of autumn, dry, clear days prevail, the summer heat is already waning, but sunny, warm weather still persists. During the winter months, a large number of tourists visit the Tsakhkadzor ski resort. There are international class trails for skiing and snowboarding, and prices are significantly lower than European ones.



      Tsakhkadzor ski resort

      Which cities and attractions are worth visiting first of all

      If you come only for a couple of days, even this will be enough to get to know Armenia at least partially.  Popular tourist sites and museums are in large numbers in the capital itself and its immediate surroundings. Among the most visited and in demand are the Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, the National Art Gallery, the Armenian Genocide Museum, the Erebuni Fortress, the Museum of Modern Art on the Cascade. By the way, a city tour of the city will also be an excellent sightseeing tour.

      If you have time to go outside the capital, it is worth visiting the spiritual center of Etchmiadzin and its treasury museum, the pagan temple of Garni, which is almost 2000 years old, the unique “cave” temple of Geghard. Despite its small territory, Armenia boasts a rich and diverse nature. You can visit one of the national parks, admire the mountain scenery and waterfalls, visit the alpine Lake Sevan. There are also climatic and balneological resorts in Armenia – Dilijan, Jermuk, Aghveran, Arzni and others.



      Where can I stay?

      In the capital, there is an opportunity to find a place to stay for almost every taste and budget, from luxury 4 and 5-star hotels (“Ani Plaza”, “Marriott Armenia”), to inexpensive hostels or guest houses. If you prefer to stay not in the capital, but somewhere closer to nature, there is an opportunity to find “green” eco-hotels or cottage hotels.  It is also possible to rent housing for daily rent.

      Marriott Armenia 

      Ani Plaza

      What is definitely worth eating and drinking in Armenia?

      When coming to Armenia, get ready to gain a couple of extra pounds, because it’s simply impossible to resist the local cuisine! Diverse, distinctive dishes are often prepared using local herbs and a large amount of spices. Among the traditional dishes, you should definitely try tolma in grape leaves, shish kebab (khorovac), including chicken or fish, light sour-milk soup “spas”, fragrant basturma. Of sweets, be sure to taste gata, baklava with nuts, various dried fruits and original types of jam – figs, pomegranate, walnut, quince. Do not ignore the famous Armenian cognac and a rich selection of local wines.



      What can I take with me from Armenia?

      We have no doubt that you will want to take something with you in memory of your trip to Armenia. At the market of craftsmen “Vernissage” you can buy original souvenirs, textiles in the national style, products made of wood, clay, metal and stone.  An unusual gift will be jewelry or souvenirs made of obsidian, which is quite common in Armenia. A friend or acquaintance of a man will be pleased with a bottle of Armenian cognac.  Well, children will certainly like sweets and dried fruits, which are often sold in beautiful gift sets.




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