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      What can a tourist see in Armenia in 7 days?


      Probably one of the biggest problems of the modern world is the constant lack of time.  Even on vacation, just arrived in a new country, we are sometimes in a hurry, trying to see as much as possible in a short period of our trip.  If you have visited Armenia for the first time, even in these short 7 days you can manage to see the main sights, not only in Yerevan and its environs but also in other places.

      Moscow cinema


      Where should you visit in 7 days?

      The capital city of Armenia- Yerevan, is an interesting tourist attraction in itself.  The ancient city is the same age as the legendary Rome.  On the territory of Yerevan, the Erebuni fortress, the direct ancestor of the modern city, has been preserved.  However, in addition to the capital’s sights and museums, there are several other popular tourist destinations that you should definitely include in your tour package.

      Among the “must-see” sights, one can note the temple of Garni, built in the first century AD, the cave monastery of Geghard, the building of which is partially carved on the solid rock, Echmiadzin, the monasteries of Khor Virap and Noravank, the unusual cave village of Khndzoresk, the monastery of amazing beauty Tatev, to which the Wings of Tatev cable car leads through the gorge, the resort towns of Jermuk and Dilijan, where you can enjoy healing mineral waters and swim in natural warm springs, the high-mountain lake Sevan, which is called the Pearl of Armenia.

      Lake Sevan


      Museums and Historical Monuments

      In the Armenian capital alone, there is a fairly solid number of the most interesting and diverse museums.  Therefore, if you are limited in time, it is worth planning in advance what exactly you would like to include in the tour program.  Among the most famous and popular museums is the Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, which houses thousands of unique ancient manuscripts. 

      Among them you can see a tiny Bible the size of a fingernail, as well as a huge handwritten book made on whole calfskins.  One of the most significant monuments for Armenians is the Genocide Memorial and the Genocide Museum located here.  If you are interested in the history of the Armenian capital, you can see the ruins of the ancient fortress of Erebuni and the museum located here, which displays ancient artifacts found at this place. Of particular interest is the Treasury Museum of Etchmiadzin, where unique common Christian relics are kept. 

      Among the museums of the Armenian capital, one can also note the National Art Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, the Historical Museum, the modern open-air museum at the Cascade complex and others.

      Genocide Memorial


      Restaurants and clubs

      It is impossible to imagine a trip to Armenia without getting acquainted with the richness and diversity of the local cuisine.  At the same time, in the restaurants of the capital, you can try not only Armenian dishes, but also a large selection of Caucasian, Georgian, European, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. 

      Among the best restaurants in Yerevan are the Yerevan tavern, the Lavash restaurant, the Caucasus restaurant, the Pavilion cafe-restaurant, and the Dolmama restaurant.  If you are interested not only in delicious food, but also in interesting, active leisure, you should definitely visit local clubs.  Among the most popular is the club “The Club”, the music jazz club “Malkhas”, the cozy bar “Hemingway”, “Liberty” pub, the music club “Kami”.

      Lavash restaurant

      "The Club"

      Excursions to the most interesting places in Armenia

      Planning a trip and correctly scheduling excursions is far from an easy task.  This is where the help of professionals will be far from superfluous.  Here you can choose the most interesting and preferred destinations for you, we will help you organize both group and individual excursion tours in Yerevan and beyond, in such a way as to meet the desired time and get the most positive impressions from the trip.  We wish you a pleasant stay in Armenia.


      Republic Square


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