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      The concept of “eco-tourism” is relatively new for the tourism sector in Armenia. In general, ecological tourism can be defined by the phrase “Responsible travel to natural areas, designed to help protect nature”. The richness and diversity of the natural areas of Armenia creates excellent conditions for lovers of eco-tourism. Below we will discuss the top 5 best places for ecotourism, which will give you harmony with nature and a lot of unforgettable experiences.

      Ecotourism in Armenia

      Ecotourism in Armenia


      Types of ecotourism in Armenia

      Armenia is a country of mountains, therefore it is not surprising that one of the most popular types of ecotourism is climbing and hiking to the mountains. Another interesting option is the study of caves, where adventures and the special beauty of the “underworld” wait for guests. Is nature conservation important for you? Then choose the most environmentally friendly transport of all possible! Of course, we are talking about horseback riding tours to natural and rural areas. Well, real extreme sportsmen can test their strengths, preferring cycling tours in the mountains. If you prefer more relaxing types of vacation, then the most suitable type of ecotourism will be the observation of wildlife.

      Gomk, Vayots Dzor province

      Mountains of Armenia


      Prospects for the development of ecotourism in Armenia

      Despite the fact that this branch of ​​tourism is relatively “young” for Armenia, ecotourism is actively developing and has great prospects. The country has many small villages located far from the rush of the city, where you can find excellent conditions for this type of tourism. The arrangement of guesthouses has already begun in some places, where tourists can relax in nature. The presence of vast natural territories, the diversity of beautiful landscapes, as well as the wild “untouched” nature of the reserves make Armenia a real “paradise” for Eco tourists.

      The Areni-1 cave complex

      Study of caves in Armenia


      Top 5 best places for ecotourism in Armenia

      Khosrov Forest State Reserve

      Khosrov State Reserve is still called by the locals “Khosrov Forest”. This amazing place is completely covered with dense green vegetation. 1850 species of various plants grow here. The local fauna is also rich, most of the inhabitants of Khosrov Reserve are listed in the Red Book.

      Khosrov Forest State Reserve

      Vahagn waterfall, Khosrov reserve


      Urtsadzor village

      Urtsadzor is a great place for rural ecotourism. Ecotourism is actively developing here. You can take part in various events dedicated to environmental protection and visit the local eco-educational center in Urtsadzor. Tourists are accommodated in rural guest houses.

      Rural ecotourism

      Rural ecotourism


      Mount Aragats

      Fans of outdoor activities should definitely “get acquainted” with the mountains of Armenia. If you have sufficient physical training, you can try to conquer the highest peak of the country – Mount Aragats.

      Mount Aragats

      Mount Aragats


      Yenokavan village

      Yenokavan village is also a magnificent summer mountain resort with breathtaking forests and crystal-clear air. Here are excellent conditions for outdoor activities and cycling.




      Horseback riding tours in historical places

      Horseback riding tour offered by One Way Tour tour agency is a great opportunity to combine ecotourism, outdoor travel and exploring many local historical and architectural attractions. By the way, many of them are located in picturesque places directly under the open sky.

      Horseback riding tours

      Horseback riding tours in historical places


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