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      Yerevan is a wonderful place to spend your vacation especially for those who are looking for new emotions and interesting knowledge. The capital surprises with its architecture, cultural and historical monuments, as well as unique atmosphere of comfort.


      Clay handmade works

      Tourists will be able to spend an unforgettable vacation in Yerevan where they will feel at home walking along beautiful streets or visiting cozy places with the highest level of service. It is possible to spend a great time in Yerevan at any time of the year.

      Vacation in Yerevan in summer

      Tourists in Yerevan will receive positive emotions from the excellent climate, amazing sunny people and fascinating pastime in summer. The prices of vacation please with its availability even in the summer season when there is a large influx of tourists in the capital. Therefore, rest in Yerevan will be affordable to all guests of the country. Summer in Yerevan is the most convenient time for making fascinating excursions to the cultural and historical places of the capital.

      Northern avenue

      Swan lake

      Tourists will especially appreciate the opportunity to walk around the city at night when they can see the magic lights of the Yerevan and relax at the end of a walk in one of the cozy restaurants or cafes that are available at any time. And this is not surprising, because Yerevan is one of the safest cities in the world.

      RA Government  building


      The issue of movement during the vacation is also not problematic since the inexpensive public transport operates here until very late time. Abundance of quality natural products at the most affordable prices is another advantage of summer vacation in the Armenian capital.

      Various events and festivals are planned in the summer of 2024 for example the favorite holiday of local residents Vardavar when the atmosphere of joy and carefree fill the city. It is common to pour water on all friends, acquaintances or just passers-by on this day.

      Vacation in Yerevan in autumn

      The autumn months are the most popular among tourists. This is an amazing time when Yerevan fills with warm air and becomes brighter and more colorful under the rays of the tender sun. The daily average temperature can reach up to 25°C which allows you to make pleasant walks through the local city parks painted in a bright palette of colors. Even small precipitation in the late autumn won’t become an obstacle for organizing quality vacation in Yerevan.

      The view from the Cascade

      Autumn in Yerevan


      Vacation in Yerevan in winter

      The city lights up with festive shine of New Year’s decorations in winter. Beautifully decorated Yerevan offers tourists a lot of cozy restaurants, tea houses and closed cafes where they can spend interesting time, find new friends and feel the warmth and hospitality of local residents. Countless international and national holidays will be celebrated in Yerevan at the end of December and throughout January 2023/2024. Winter vacation in the Armenian capital is a sea of positive emotions and boundless gastronomic pleasure combined with interesting excursions to the sights of the capital.

      Winter in Yerevan

      Winter evening in Yerevan


      Vacation in Yerevan in spring

      The spring Yerevan welcomes tourists with wonderful weather and green parks and streets. It is already quite warm here in the middle of spring, so this is a great time for organizing long excursions within which you can visit numerous museums, theaters and exhibitions. The temperature becomes almost the same as in summer in May in Yerevan. In this regard many tourists book tours in the spring when prices for vacation are more affordable.

      Republic square of Armenia

      Abovyan street in spring


      Prices of vacation packages and tours

      As already noted above, the cost of the vacation organized in Yerevan is acceptable absolutely for everyone. You can organize а city tour, visit interesting museums and exhibitions, as well as spend your vacation in the most comfortable conditions at minimum prices in 2024.


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