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      If you travel to Yerevan you have a wonderful opportunity to visit the rarest historical and cultural monuments of great value all over the world. Guests of Yerevan enjoy interesting tours to ancient temples and fortresses. Tourists will be able to make a gastronomic tour and taste the famous Armenian national dishes all over the world besides cognitive excursions. Any event, visiting various institutions and organization of tours will surprise visitors with affordable prices and high quality service.

      Tours with ONE WAY TOUR

      Temple of Garni


      Best time to travel to Yerevan

      Any time of the year has its advantages to travel to Yerevan. Favorable climatic conditions make it possible to organize tours around the capital of Armenia and its environs even in the winter months. Warm season in Yerevan starts in the middle of spring and lasts until October. Various festivals are held and holidays are celebrated here in summer. Tourists especially like to travel to Yerevan in summer as it is a time of abundance of local organic products which also have incredibly low prices.

      Yerevan nights

      Northern Avenue, Yerevan

      Winter in Yerevan is a time of holidays and fun. Locals widely celebrate Christmas and New Year. Festive Yerevan pleases with incredibly beautiful ornaments, fir-trees and garlands which turn the city into a real fairy tale. Another advantage to travel to Yerevan is that prices for entertainment, services and goods remain acceptable to all regardless of the season.

      Is it safe to travel to Yerevan?

      Those who already managed to travel to Yerevan were able to appreciate the safety of traveling around the city. Visitors love to make an evening stroll through the capital where they are surrounded by peaceful and friendly people. Guests of Yerevan can also travel in safety around the city by public or private transport.

      Republic Square of Armenia

      Walking in Yerevan

      This is due to the fact that the capital of Armenia has a very low crime rate. Tourists in Yerevan can turn to responsive locals and will be sure to receive help and support for any questions. Residents of Yerevan always show hospitality and friendliness to foreign guests.

      Summer peaceful day

      Cascade, Yerevan


      Tours and excursions in Yerevan, prices

      During the travelling to Yerevan participants of the tour can make fascinating excursions around the museums dedicated to the world-famous Armenians, visit the ancient churches and fortresses, as well as have fun and get a lot of positive emotions in various places capital of Armenia.

      The National Gallery of Armenia

      Cafesjian Center for the Arts


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.