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      Fascinating excursions can be considered a mandatory part of any tourist trip. One Way Tour agency will offer you a wide range of excursion programs so that each guest of the country will be able to choose suitable tours depending on personal interests and preferences. In the meantime, let me introduce you to the top 5 most popular and sought-after excursions according to the agency.




      Excursion 1 (Khor Virap, Noravank, Jermuk, Areni, Arch of Dreams)

      The monastery complex of Khor Virap is a legendary place that preserves the centuries-old history of Christianity in Armenia. It is here that the underground dungeon is located, in which, according to legend, the founder of Christianity in the country, St. Gregory the Illuminator, was imprisoned for 13 years. Later, the saint healed the Armenian king of a terrible illness and he accepted the Christian faith. The next point in the tour is Noravank, whose name translates as “New Temple”. Built in the 13th century, Noravank is a magnificent example of traditional Armenian architecture. The tour includes a visit to the resort town of Jermuk, famous for its healing mineral springs. The waters of Jermuk can be tasted in the Gallery of Mineral Waters. The nature of Jermuk is rich and picturesque, you can see it for yourself, as well as admire the amazingly beautiful waterfall “Mermaid Hair”, named for its similarity to long girlish hair. On the way back, you will stop at the legendary village of Areni winemakers, where you can taste and appreciate the “sunny” taste of local wines.

      Khor Virap

      Jermuk, waterfall “Mermaid hair”

      Excursion 2 (Sevan, Haghartsin, Goshavank, Lake Parz)

      This tour will allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of the rich diversity of nature in Armenia. First, you will have a trip to the high-mountain lake Sevan and the medieval monastery of Sevanavank, located on its shore. Sevanavank is located on a hill and climbing the steps to it will take time and effort, but your efforts will pay off handsomely – after all, it is from here that an incredible view of the lake and the surrounding mountains will open. The next goal of the tour is the medieval monasteries of Haghartsin and Goshavank, which were built in the 10th-13th centuries. The buildings of the monasteries are located in a picturesque area surrounded by mountain forests on all sides. And of course, to complement the impression of the beauty of mountain nature, you will visit the resort town of Dilijan and visit Lake Parz, which is surrounded by dense trees on all sides and is beautiful in its own way at any time of the year.


      Haghartsin Monastery


      Excursion 3 (Odzun, Haghpat, Sanahin, Akhtala, cave “Mendz Er”)

      This tour will allow you to see the most famous medieval monasteries and monastery complexes of the Lori region of Armenia. The first stop will be in the village of Odzun, where there is a temple with the same name, built in the early Middle Ages. Then you will visit the country’s largest monastery complex of Haghpat, which is associated with an interesting legend. According to her, the monastery was built by the son of a famous architect who did not believe that the heir would cope with a difficult task. However, when he saw the majestic building, he exclaimed in admiration: “Oh, Pat!” (“That’s the wall!”). So the monastery got its unusual name. By the way, Haghpat, as well as the next point of the excursion – the Sanahin Monastery, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The last monastery you will visit will be Akhtala. This complex is unique in that it includes original elements of not only Armenian but also Georgian and Byzantine architecture. And the tour will end with a visit to the cave “Mendz Er”, from where you can admire the beautiful view of the picturesque Lori gorge.

      Haghpat Monastery

      Akhtala Monastery


      Excursion 4 (Gyumri, Harichavank, Marmashen)

      The city of Gyumri (formerly Leninakan and Alexandropol) is the second-largest city in Armenia after Yerevan. Gyumri is considered the cultural capital of the country, because it was here that the first Armenian opera appeared, as well as the first theater in the country. Today, along with modern districts, in Gyumri, you can find cozy old streets with two- or three-story houses that preserve the spirit and atmosphere of the old city. In the program of the tour, the first stop will be the village of Harich and the monastery of Harichavank, after which you will go on a city tour of Gyumri. During the tour, you will visit the main sights of the city: the Temple of the Seven Wounds, the churches of St. Nshan and St. Saviour, as well as the Black Fortress. As part of the tour, you will also visit the medieval monastery complex of Marmarashen, located near Gyumri, which was built by the Armenian Prince Vahram Pahlavuni in 988-1029.

      Abovyan steet, Gyumri



      Excursion 5 (Tatev, Noravank, Observation deck, Harsnadzor, Areni)

      Tatev Monastery Complex is one of the unique monuments of Armenian medieval architecture. Built-in the 9th-10th centuries, the white-stone building of the monastery is located almost on the very edge of a steep cliff and seems to “hover” over a deep gorge. this part of the gorge is called “Harsnadzor” (“Bride’s Gorge”). You can get to the Tatev Temple by the Wings of Tatev cable car, which has a length of almost 6 km, being the longest passenger cable car of the pendulum type in the world.

      Tatev monastery

      Syunik Province


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