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      What you should take into consideration while choosing a souvenir? Which souvenirs to bring from Armenia? Which is appropriate amount of money that should be spend on purchase of souvenirs? Is buying souvenirs a must-do thing in a foreign country? One Way guidebook will help you to solve all these questions.

      Armenia is one of the few countries that leads tourists to the confusion on the number of all kinds of offered souvenirs. When you find yourself as a tourist in a country like Armenia, where local people are extremely creative and passion to art is in their blood, you have to face a challenging selection of souvenirs,  especially when the budget is already planned in advance.



      A souvenir can carry a piece of the memories that people keep all their lives. Even a small piece of wood can suddenly revive in your memory the brightest memories of the country you once attended, so buying souvenirs is a MUST!  As in many other tourist destinations in Armenia as well the most popular souvenir is considered to be a magnet.  But these countries can only envy the selection of all kinds of magnets in Armenia, because our masters manage to put on a small magnet all the color and variety of the Armenian culture.  As in other countries an average price of a magnet is 500 drams ($ 1), which, of course, you can bargain, if you are going to buy more than one magnet. It is especially easy to agree on a suitable price for the souvenir in the market called Vernissage in Yerevan.




      Although the tastes differ, and each nation has its own preferences while choosing something which will remind him of the country, but in Armenia they come to have one thing in common.  Almost all of them  try to take away a souvenir with the image of a pomegranate, which has long become an integral symbol of the country, and that it is successfully used by manufacturers of souvenirs.

      For example, when traveling in Egypt it is considered mandatory to purchase a statuette of Tutankhamun, or a small copy of the pyramids, or a souvenir with the image of a black cat, then from Armenia you will leave with a souvenir or jewelry with the image of a pomegranate, or  any symbol of Christianity, or some handmade staff . And that one is an issue that we have few competitors as handicrafts in Armenia are in abundance.  It can be a silk scarf, pottery, wooden jewelry box, clothes with national ornaments, not to mention the diversity of jewelry of silver, which in other countries is available in 2 or even 3 times more expensive.




      As a bonus, you will get an entertaining conversation with the seller. By the way they divide customers into two categories: Armenians of Diaspora or ordinary tourists.

      On average, for the purchase of souvenirs in Armenia you can spend from 1 to 100$. And if your pocket allows you, then with a light heart purchase products that you like, because what is brought from Armenia is highly appreciated abroad, and evidences of buyer’s good taste.




      Top 7 best-selling souvenirs in Armenia :

      • a pomegranate – the symbol of Armenian culture,
      • a medallion with the image of Tigran the Great – the symbol of Armenian power,
      • a piece of Armenian land, or an image of Ararat mount – the symbol of love of Armenian diaspora
      • jewelry made of natural stones – the most original souvenir,
      • soviet coins – the most unusual souvenir,
      • dryfruits in chocolate – the most tasty souvenir,
      • armenian cognac – the most appreciated souvenir


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      Author: Ani Karapetyan