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      Armenia is a country that played a huge role in the history of Christianity and world civilization. As it was the first state adopted Christianity as an official religion, Armenia today is the spiritual cradle for all believers. A lot of temples, holy monasteries and churches have been built here. All conditions for comfortable rest are created in the country as there is a great demand among those who wishes to visit Armenia. Along with this there are various excursions to the most interesting places in Armenia.


      David from Sasoun


      Best must visit places in Armenia

      Must-see destination of the tour in Armenia is excursion around Yerevan. The “pink” city built of tuff stone is full of historical sights, entertainment centers and places, where you can get acquainted with Armenian traditional cuisine.It is better to start a tour in Yerevan from the Matenadaran – Institute of the Ancient Manuscripts. After a cognitive excursion you can go to the Cascade from where you can see a breathtaking view of the entire capital and the majestic mountain Ararat. There are many different museums dedicated to the world-famous Armenians in Yerevan. For example it is advisable to visit the house-museum of art genius Sergei Parajanov. There are restaurants, cafes and other places where you can taste delicacies of Armenian cuisine on every street of the city.


      Mother Armenia

      Tourists of Armenia can see many interesting sights in the vicinity of Yerevan. They can visit the monastery of Khor Virap, where Saint Gregory the Illuminator sat in complete confinement for 15 years. Here is the best view of the sacred Ararat.The monument of Hellenistic times in Armenia Temple of Garni is situated not far from Yerevan. Also you can visit the monastery complex Geghard literally carved in the rock in a few kilometers from Garni.The name “Geghard” comes from the word that means “spear”. The legend says that the spear that pierced the body of Jesus was brought here. This architectural object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

      Khor Virap Monastery

      Garni Temple

      It is also worth to visit spiritual center of Armenia the Etchmiadzin Cathedral which is the most important sight for the Armenian people. Here you can see the unique relics: a fragment of Noah’s ark and a spear which was mentioned earlier. We recommend to go to Byurakan Observatory to those who are fond of astronomy. Here travelers will be able to observe the heavenly stars. You can visit the fortress Amberd of X-XIII centuries located on a high unapproachable mountain not far from Byurakan Observatory. This place is so picturesque that even the famous Russian film “Bastards” was filmed here. A trip to Armenia is simply unthinkable without visiting Lake Sevan where gourmets have the opportunity to try the Sevan trout famous throughout the world. This is one of the favorite places for tourists and locals in а hot season.

      Byurakan observatory



      Where to go with family in Armenia?

      Armenia is а perfect place for vacation with the whole family. The most peaceful and safe people live here. They are always ready to help any passerby. In addition a wide range of entertainment will satisfy the demands of tourists of any age category. Children will be able to take part in exciting adventure tours, take a ride on the world’s longest cableway “Wings of Tatev” and get unforgettable emotions by going over a suspension bridge at a height of 60 meters in Khndzoresk surrounded by mysterious caves.


      Tatev Monastery

      While traveling with your family you can also go to the Yerevan Zoo, visit “The Victory” amusement park, have a walk in the huge Botanical Garden, buy souvenirs at Vernissage and admire the singing fountains in the center of the capital in the evening. The advantage of resting with your family in Armenia is that such an interesting and bright holiday will not affect your budget in any way.


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