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      Holidays in Armenia are a great excuse to organize a long-awaited vacation. Here you can spend a wonderful time and at the same time celebrate holidays during which hospitable local people will fill your days with warmth and positive. Various international and national holidays are celebrated in Armenia in any season of the year. A large number of events are also planned for 2024.

      New Year in Yerevan

      Armenian pride


      Armenian Holidays

      Winter is the most festive season in Armenia where many New Year and Christmas events are held. People start to prepare for cheerful celebrations already in December. The Armenians celebrate St. Sargis Day, Armenian analogue of Valentine’s Day, in February.

      Salty cookies

      Saint Sarkis Day

      Armenia is one of those rare countries where a holiday can last a whole month.Here the entire month is dedicated to women unlike the customary International Women’s Day celebrated only on March 8. It begins on the March 8 and ends on April 7, the Day of Beauty and Motherhood. Residents of the country that first adopted Christianity as a state religion celebrate Easter in April.Armenians spend this day with in the family circle at the festive table.

      International Women's Day

      Winter evening in Yerevan

      There are also summer holidays in the Armenian calendar. The summer begins with the Children Protection Day celebrated on June 1.Concerts, festivals and other entertaining programs for children are organized in various cities in this regard.Another favorite summer holiday in Armenia is Vardavar. On this day people pour water on their friends, acquaintances or just passers-by. This is one of the most funny and noisy days in Armenia.

      International Children's Rights day


      Warm and sunny autumn is a wonderful time to organize a tour to Armenia. September 21 is one of the most important state holidays–Armenia’s Independence Day. Exhibitions, large-scale concerts and show programs are held in the country in connection with this significant date. Another important holiday is Yerevan City Day celebrated annually on the second Saturday of October. You can have a great time, listen to talented musicians and performers, taste delicious local cuisine or simply enjoy the great atmosphere on any square, in every park or cafe.

      Armenian Independence Day

      Military parade on the Independence Day of Armenia


      Trip to Armenia for holidays

      Tours to Armenia during the holidays in 2023 and 2024 are a great opportunity to learn the culture of this country closer, participate in various ceremonies and fully feel the colorfulness of the Armenian way of life. All this is possible at the most convenient prices. Local residents attach great importance to both international and traditional holidays and receive guests from other countries with special pleasure. Tourists can organize trip to the sights of Armenia, see historical places and get acquainted with the Armenian culture in addition to amusement pastime.

      Winter in Cascade

      One of the most important holidays of Armenia is Easter


      Holiday packages, description and price

      Tour to Armenia is the best option if you want to make the holidays celebrated in 2023-2024 unforgettable.The affordable prices are another advantage of organizing a trip to Armenia in addition to an interesting amusement program and travel to the sights of history and culture. The price for accommodation, entertainments and quality service is available to everyone with any financial possibilities.A trip to Armenia is the best option for a family or big company to spend their vacation without much expense.

      Winter in Yerevan

      Every day is a holiday


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