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      Guide to Yerevan


      Are you going to visit the capital of Armenia? A guide in Yerevan will help you navigate and learn about the most popular tourist sites and sights of the city.

      How to get there, where to stay and what to see?

      Yerevan is a city with a rich centuries-old history. The Erebuni Fortress, which is considered the direct ancestor of the modern capital, is over 2800 years old. Therefore, Yerevan itself can already be considered a historical landmark, where many interesting and exciting things await the guests of the city.



      How to get there?

      Zvartnots International Airport is located 12 km from Yerevan, serving dozens of destinations and various airlines. Regular flights operate with a variety of cities and countries: Georgia, Israel, Iran, Greece, France, Spain. There is air communication with a number of Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, etc. You can also get to the capital of Armenia by land, across the border with Georgia.

      Zvartnots International Airport

      border with Georgia

      Where to stay?

      In Yerevan, you can find a place to stay for every taste and budget – from luxury hotels (for example, Marriott Armenia) to inexpensive guest houses or hostels. It is also common to rent apartments for rent, although at present it is rather problematic to find a free apartment due to the large influx of visitors from Russia and Ukraine. Our recommendations include the following hotels:

      Marriott Armenia

      guest houses or hostels

      Our recommendations include the following hotels:

      The Silk Way Hotel is located just 2 km from Republic Square. Guests are accommodated in air-conditioned rooms with TV, refrigerator, bathroom with all accessories. It offers bar, garden, terrace. In the morning – buffet breakfast.

      14 Floor Hotel is located just 100 meters from Republic Square. It offers air-conditioned rooms with a TV, bathroom and seating area. The hotel is located on the fourteenth floor, the terrace offers a magnificent view of the city.

       “Ttufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel” is a boutique hotel with traditional Armenian elements. Guests are accommodated in rooms furnished with designer furniture, with all amenities and a private bathroom. Within walking distance of Republic Square, cafes, restaurants and museums.

      14 Floor Hotel

      "Ttufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel"

      What and where can you eat in Yerevan?

       Coming to Yerevan, it’s a sin not to taste the delicious local cuisine. What you should definitely try:

      • tolma in grape leaves,
      • basturma,
      • wine and cognac,
      • local varieties of jams and dried fruits,
      • traditional lavash,

      tolma in grape leaves

      wine and cognac,

      Among our recommendations are the following establishments:

      Cafe “Aperitivo” is located in the very center of the capital, near the Cascade. It serves Armenian and European cuisine. The establishment opens at 7 am, it is convenient to come here for breakfast before a busy day.

       Restaurant “Abovyan 12” invites you to taste local dishes in a cozy authentic courtyard, the entrance to which passes through a picturesque souvenir shop.

       “Sherep” – a restaurant of national cuisine, where you will be fed quickly and tasty, moreover, at the most affordable prices

       Restaurant “Kond House” is a kind of “restaurant in the courtyard”, which conveys the atmosphere of the courtyards of old Yerevan. Here you can comfortably settle down with the whole company with swings, chairs and blankets.

       Restaurant “Mamoor” is another stylish and interesting place that will appeal to lovers of European and fusion cuisine.


       Restaurant "Abovyan 12"

      What you need to see in Yerevan

      One trip is unlikely to be enough to see all the sights of the Armenian capital. In the warm season, you should definitely go for an evening walk around the city center, see the famous Cascade, take a walk along Northern Avenue, admire the amazing singing fountains on Republic Square. Among the most popular tourist sites are the Matenadaran Museum of Ancient Manuscripts, the Ararat Brandy Factory Museum, the Sergei Parajanov Museum, the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex and the Armenian Genocide Museum. Well, if you want to take unusual and original souvenirs with you, you should definitely go to the fair of local craftsmen – “Vernissage”.


      Matenadaran Museum of Ancient Manuscripts


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