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      Business or corporate tourism, in fact, is not something fundamentally new. Organization of trips with the aim of developing the company, establishing new business relationships, negotiating, team building or joint recreation for employees have been always popular in the tourism sphere. Nowadays, the direction of business tourism has received its new development. In view of the increasing popularity of corporate travel or corporate leisure, tour operators began to think about the specifics of such services and their more efficient organization. Thus, MICE tourism has become a separate area of ​​tourism, designed to provide all the necessary services, taking into account the requirements of various business trips.

      Corporate tours, Varks.am

      Corporate tours, Varks.am


      What is MICE tourism? Varieties of business tourism.

      So, let us see what the abbreviation “MICE” means. The constituent parts of the term are English names, which can be translated as follows:

      Meetings – business meetings

      Incentives – team building and various motivational tours for employees

      Conferences – business conferences, negotiations, congresses, forums, seminars, exchange of experience

      Events – corporate holidays and celebrations

      As you can see, MICE tourism includes a variety of types of business tours and corporate trips, which can have different goals, schedule and rules and include the corresponding types of services.

      What is MICE tourism?

      MICE tourism


      Corporate Tour Services

      What is the difference between the services provided by MICE tourism from ordinary tourist services? As a rule, a company ordering any type of corporate trip wants everything to be at the highest level. Therefore, there is no question of budgeting; MICE tourism is considered a rather expensive tourism sector that provides high-quality services. This applies to both the business part of the trip (providing accommodation, conference rooms, halls for presentations and demonstrations, etc.) and the organization of leisure (banquets, unofficial meetings, etc.). As you can see, the main task of business tourism is to ensure the high-quality organization of all stages of a corporate tour, depending on its specifics.

      High quality services

      High quality transport


      Features of MICE tourism in Armenia

      MICE tourism, as a service sector, is no longer something new in Armenia and is at the stage of active development. In recent years, you can see many examples of the successful holding of international conferences, meetings, and seminars at the highest level, not only in Yerevan but also in other cities of Armenia. Many experts believe that Armenia is a rather promising space from the point of view of MICE tourism. For example, in comparison with Russian cities, the price level is much lower, and the quality of services is practically not inferior. In addition, the local climate plays a role in which it is very comfortable even in the cold season.


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