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      Booking.com reservation service is known for its convenience and wide coverage of the reservation services provided worldwide. Here you can find a suitable place of residence that will fully meet both your needs and preferences, as well as financial opportunities. Each year, Booking.com conducts its own independent research to identify current trends in the field of travel and tourist destinations. According to the latest research, Yerevan was in the top 10 popular destinations for next year. In addition to the Armenian capital, the top ten also included Gzira (Malta), Nimbin (Vietnam), Salta (Argentina), Seogwipo (South Korea), Jodhpur (India), Swinoujscie (Poland), Takamatsu (Japan), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Zabljak (Montenegro).

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      Booking.com predicts significant growth in travel and online booking industry in 2020

      Studies of the popular service are conducted based on statistical information, data received from 22.000 travelers in 29 different markets, as well as more than 180 million reviews of verified guests. Trends are taken into account among adult travelers who have used the services of a popular site in the past 12 months or are going to use them in the next 12 months. As for the Armenian direction, the site predicts a significant increase in the flow of tourists, no less than last year (about 12%). Of course, in accordance with this, the demand for the reservation service will increase.





      Why was Armenia included in the list of countries popular among travelers?

      The capital of Armenia can justly be called one of the most actively developing tourist destinations. This state of affairs, of course, was facilitated by beneficial changes, both in the political and economic life of the country. It is worth noting that at this time the rise in tourist interest is experiencing not only the main city of the country, but also other destinations that are of great interest to visitors. In addition, it is worth noting the fact that Armenia is considered the safest country in the region and is ideal for families with children.

      Northern Avenue

      Republic Square


      Yerevan Attractions Recommended by Booking.com

      Though Yerevan is a developed and modern city, there are many historical sights located here; moreover, they are at the age of hundreds, or even thousands of years. Among them are the Erebuni fortress, considered the “ancestor” of the modern capital, many medieval churches located in different parts of the city, ancient buildings of the past century etc. There are many museums in Yerevan, among which everyone can find something of interest. A walk through the evening city center, which is beautiful in its own way at any time of the year, can also become a remarkable and memorable moment. Booking.com users in their reviews separately note the special attitude towards ordinary Yerevan guests, always distinguished by warmth, hospitality and friendliness.

      Erebuni Castle

      Evening Yerevan


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