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      Yerevan is a city of hospitable people, pink buildings and centuries-old sightseeing places, where ancient culture is combined with advanced modern life. Sightseeing in Yerevan is an opportunity to spend a cognitive vacation and see all the sights of Yerevan, as well as enjoy numerous entertainments and visit most popular places to see in the city.

      Republic Square



      Tourist attractions of the center of Yerevan

      Formally the center of Yerevan can be divided into 2 districts: the Republic Square, which is adjacent to museums, government buildings and the Vernissage souvenir market and Liberty Square, surrounded by the best tourist attractions and places for sightseeing. They are united by the Northern Avenue, the most “fashionable” street, which is also called “Yerevan Arbat”. Must-see sightseeing tour in the center of Yerevan is the visit of Matenadaran, a unique institution of the oldest books and manuscripts, which is not far from the Cascade from where opens a stunning panorama of the entire capital. 

      Northern Avenue

      Independence Square

      Here you can visit the Cafesjian Arts Center, make unusual photos on the background of modern art objects or relax in a cozy cafe. Yerevan is rich with various cultural museums, tourist attractions and sightseeing places. For example, here is located the house-museum of the world-famous Sergei Parajanov, as well as artist Martiros Saryan and other famous Armenians. It is recommended to visit the National History Museum of Armenia, the Museum of the Armenian Genocide, as well as the fortress of Erebuni to get acquainted with the history of the country.

      History Museum



      Best sightseeing tours in Yerevan

      Tours to the main sights of Yerevan are a great opportunity to know the ancient Armenian capital. It’s history is about 2800 years old. We recommend to start the sightseeing tour in Yerevan from the popular tourist attraction – fortress of Erebuni built in 782 BC. It is the foundation of the city, as well as the prototype of its modern name.

      Erebuni museum

      Erebuni museum

      Visiting religious sightseeing places represented in the form of numerous ancient or modern churches and temples will be especially interesting for the believer tourists of Yerevan. It is impossible to imagine a sightseeing trip to Yerevan without a gastronomic tour, within which tourists can taste delicious national dishes of Armenian cuisine. Affordable prices at local restaurants and cafes will please gourmets. You can get acquainted with the map of sightseeing places of Yerevan in advance to organize better tour.

      St. Gregory the Illuminator



      Map – guide to the tourist sights of Yerevan

      The guide to Yerevan offers to visit clubs, restaurants and different types of entertainment centers in addition to the historical and cultural places to see. It is recommended to try the national cuisine which is famous around the world and well-known local cognac. You can buy souvenirs and gifts in Yerevan Vernissage, situated in the center of the capital.


      Armenian cognac

      As a rule there is moderate winter and hot summer in Armenian capital. Warm days last until October. Thus a sightseeing trip to Yerevan is relevant at any time of the year. There are many hotels, hostels and apartments for rent of various price categories located in Yerevan.


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