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      The best delivery services in Yerevan


      Modern delivery services make the process of any purchase easy and enjoyable. The article will tell you about the best delivery services you can use in Yerevan.

      The best delivery services in Yerevan

      Time is our most valuable resource, which is constantly in short supply at the frantic pace of modern life. It is this valuable resource that allows us to save delivery services, saving us from the need to spend time shopping and choosing purchases. Today, almost any product can be ordered through simple and convenient applications without leaving home. Let’s find out about the best and most popular delivery services in Yerevan.

      Առաքման լավագույն ծառայությունները Երևանում

      Առաքման լավագույն ծառայությունները Երևանում

      Food delivery

      In the capital of Armenia, there are several large ready-made food delivery services that cooperate with dozens of restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and coffee houses. Through a convenient online application, you can order, for example, hot barbecue, pizza, sushi or Chinese noodles, as well as pastries and desserts – your order will be collected as quickly as possible from several establishments and delivered to you in the freshest form. Some of the most popular food delivery services include:

      • Menu.am
      • Glovo.am
      • Yandex Eats
      • Buy.am



      Delivery of products

      With the help of delivery services, you can also make daily purchases by ordering groceries on supermarket websites. Almost all major supermarket chains provide online ordering, and in the absence of any product in the store, the courier will contact you in advance and discuss possible replacements or changes to the shopping list. You can order products on the websites:

      • sas.am (supermarket “SAS” )
      • yerevan-city.am (Yerevan City supermarket)
      • parma.am (Parma supermarket)
      • buy.am
      • supermarket.am



      Cake delivery

      Cakes and pastries can also be ordered using ready-made food delivery services or supermarket apps. For example, the SAS supermarket chain has its own pastry shops and bakeries that deliver fresh and delicious pastries to you. If you need a special cake for a special occasion, you can choose the option with delivery directly on the websites of specialized pastry shops. Here you can make an individual order, choose the decor and design of the cake. Among the best pastry shops in the city:

      • “Grenade”
      • «SoHo»
      • «Papaya»
      • «Marush»
      • «Dan Dessert» and others.



      Flower delivery

      What can please any girl or woman and create a festive mood? Well, of course, a beautiful bouquet from a dear person! You can choose the design and decoration of the bouquet online, and the courier will deliver the flowers at the right time to the address you specified. You can use the universal delivery service “Glovo.am”, or place an order directly on one of the sites:

      • brabion.am
      • flowers-yerevan.am
      • ajania.am
      • flowers-armenia.am



      Delivery of medicines

      Did someone close to you get sick, or did you yourself need any of the medicines? Now there is no need to urgently run to the pharmacy or look for the necessary medicines in different parts of the city. The delivery service will do everything for you. You can again use the universal delivery service, or place an order on one of the specialized sites:




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