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      Travel Guide to Armenia will help you to learn many facts related to the organization of trip. This guide will tell you how to get to Armenia, what documents need to be prepared for crossing the border, how to choose a tour guide and provide the most comfortable conditions for a holiday at the best prices.

      Zvartnots Airport



      When it is better to travel to Armenia?

      Due to favorable weather and wonderful nature it is interesting to spend time in Armenia at any time of the year. The main sights of country are located not far from the capital, so the snowy or rainy weather will not impede travel around the country. Traditional and international holidays, various festivals, events and exhibitions are celebrated here almost every month. Due to the guide you can find out which sights are relevant for a particular time.

      Tatev Monastery

      Kecharis Monastery

      The rules of entry to Armenia, visa and documents

      Citizens from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and most of the CIS countries do not need a visa for entry according to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. It is necessary to show the internal passport of a citizen of another state to cross the border. Visitors from other countries are required an entry visa which can be issued at the Armenian Embassy in advance or upon arrival in Yerevan at the Zvartnots airport. Visa can be obtained also at the checkpoint on the border of Armenia and Georgia in case of a car trip, as well as online on the website of the RA MFA.

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      Travel in Armenia


      How to get to Armenia?

      Air travel is the most convenient way to go to Armenia for tourists from Russia or European countries. Railway lines are valid only in the direction of Georgia. It is possible to get to Armenia on the bus or on your own vehicles through Iran or Georgia, as the Turkish and Azerbaijani borders are closed.

      Zvartnots Airport

      Tours in Armenia


      Prices in Armenia

      Travel to Armenia at any time of the year differs by the availability of prices for accommodation, meals, tours and other services that are not inferior to the quality of service in other expensive vacation spots. You can find out more about prices in Armenia with the help of a travel guide.

      Zvartnots Airport

      Armenian market



      Monetary currency of Armenia is dram. You can pay in shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets and other places only in dram. There are currency exchange offices practically in every district of Yerevan. The most hotels, restaurants and supermarkets accept credit cards. Money can be cashed also through ATMs which you can find at every step in the capital, as well as in the central streets of other cities.

      Armenian dram




      You can choose accommodation in Armenia that meets all financial needs including both high-priced hotels and budget hostels with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay at affordable prices. A guide to Yerevan and Armenia will help you to choose a suitable housing option.

      Northern avenue in Yerevan

      Flats in Gyumri



      It is recommended to visit any restaurant or cafe you like or order a gastronomic tour in Armenia to try cheap and taste traditional Armenian cuisine.

      Armenian barbecue

      Armenian ghapama


      Communication and Internet

      High-quality mobile communications are available in Armenia at low prices. You can buy a SIM card directly from one of the operators. Mobile SIM card allows you to connect to the internet. In addition, there are many places in Yerevan with free high-quality Wi-Fi connection (parks, various establishments, bus stops, metro and even public transport).

      Park in Yerevan

      Swan Lake



      Tours in Yerevan and Armenia are carried out by experienced professional tour guides who will tell all the interesting information and little-known fascinating facts about sights of the country. A travel guide to Armenia will help you to choose high qualified tour guide at the best price.

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      Travel to Armenia includes the organization of individual, religious, gastronomic, adventure and many other kinds of tours accompanied by the best tour guides which will be an undeniable reason to visit Armenia again and again. It is possible to choose the best tour and find out its price with help of travel guide.

      Sevanavank Monastery

      Armenian Khachkar


      Book incoming tour packages, private tours and regular daily tours in ONE WAY TOUR tour agency and we will help you to discover Armenia.