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      June is a great time to get acquainted with Armenia. The weather is warm enough at this time, but not too hot, which is very appreciated condition for hiking or country excursions. You can visit the museums of Yerevan, which are open to tourists all year round. Armenia offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure tours in June. Customer reviews on travel websites can also be useful when planning a vacation in 2024.


      Wings of Tatev


      What to see in Armenia in June?

      If you are staying in the capital city Yerevan, take the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of this amazing city. Yerevan is 2800 years old, there are many interesting places and historical monuments here. You can visit the Erebuni fortress, which is the “ancestor” of the modern city, and the nearby archaeological museum. A late walk through the center of Yerevan will allow you to feel the evening life, sit in a cozy cafe or admire the “singing fountains” in the central square. You can also go on an excursion to the main attractions, such as Garni temple, Geghard monastery, Tatev monastery, Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, Noravank monastery, etc.

      Haghpat Monastery

      Khachkars, Armenian cross-stones


      Weather in Armenia in June

      June 2024 turned out to be somewhat hotter than usual. As a rule, the weather during this period was characterized by an abundance of sunny days, short-term rains and an average temperature of up to +28 , +30 in the daytime, and +17, +20 at night. But this year, daytime temperature indicators reached +37 in the capital already in the first days of June. However, the temperature is usually much lower in high-altitude areas, so it will be useful to take a couple of warm things for a country excursion.

      Yerevan, city center

      Lake Sevan


      What fruits are in Armenia in June?

      Armenian fruits are distinguished by a special “sunny” taste. Arriving on vacation in June, you will find the height of the berry season: strawberries and cherries ripen in large amount. The collection of the most “Armenian” fruit – apricot, begins at the same time. You can taste apricots of various varieties – from large and fleshy to small and sweet “honey” ones. The second half of June is characterized by an abundance of melons: sweet ripe watermelons and fragrant melons. The first peaches, nectarines and plums appear at the same time.

      Armenian sweet cherry

      Fragrant Apricots


      Holidays and events in June

       One of the favorite holidays in Armenia is the International Children’s Day (June 1). For children, there is a special, tender and reverent attitude, and the children’s day is celebrated on a large scale. Many amusement parks and the zoo work free of charge, celebrations and concerts are held throughout the city, and the day ends with a grand firework. Among the significant events of June are: the Day of the National Flag of the Republic of Armenia (June 15), the Day of the Holy Echmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia (June 18).

      International Children's Day

      International Children's Day


      Tours and excursions in June

      The tourist season in June is already in full swing, so most agencies at this time offer a full range of tours and excursions. Classical tours will allow you to learn more about the main historical and cultural monuments, visit the sights. Lovers of extreme sports and outdoor activities will definitely like adventure tours, and special tours will allow you to discover Armenia from various angles. There is also a great selection of budget tours. You can get acquainted with the available options of tours on our website, as well as see reviews from other clients.

      Khor Virap monastery

      Noravank monastery


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