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      Start:16.06.18 07:00
      End:17.06.18 22:30

      A great chance to admire Artsakh Land.
      For 2 days One Way Tour leaves for Artsakh world to explore and discover its wonders. 
      We present you the concise information of 2 days sights.

      Here is the tour routeDay 1

      – “We and Our Mountains” monument
      – The show will kick off at 14:00 with the participation of more than 6 airplanes and paratrikes. From 17:30 attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy paragliding, skyballs and flights by Artsakh touristic airplanes. 

      “Artsakh AirFest” will be accompanied by famous DJs’ performances. The concert will begin at 18:30 and then will be followed by an open-air party starting from 21:00. 
      The entrance ticket fee is 2000 AMD.

      Tickets for skyball (7000AMD – 5min), paragliding (20,000 AMD – 10min) and airplane (20,000 AMD – 10min) must be purchased in advance. The number of these tickets is strictly limited. The three types of tickets mentioned above include the entry fee.Day 2

      – Shushi fortress, victory tank
      – Jdrduz
      Hunot canyon, Zontikner(Umbrellas)
      – Ghazanchetsots St. Amenaprkich (Savior) church
      – Stepanakert


      1. accommodation

      2. breakfast

      3. guide service

      4. transportation

      Stepanakert city “We and Our Mountains” monument Hunot canyon, Zontikner(Umbrellas) Shushi fortress, victory tank Ghazanchetsots St. Amenaprkich (Savior) church Jdrduz “We and Our Mountains” monument Stepanakert city Stepanakert city Shushi fortress Shushi fortress Shoushi city Stepanakert Hunot canyon, Zontikner(Umbrellas) Ghazanchetsots St. Amenaprkich (Savior) church Hunot canyon

      Medium package - 29.000 AMD - Hotel Yerevan or another hotel of this kind
      Standard package 1 - 22.000 AMD - Hotel Akhtamar or another hotel of this kind
      Standard package 2 - 25.000 AMD - Hotel Kashtan

      P.S. If participants are less than 12 people, then 5.000 AMD will be added to the price by mutual agreement.

      Starting place - Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas

      Taking into consideration that places are limited please contact us and register in advance.

      In case of cancellation of the tour which has been confirmed by the client and company,

      payment for the booking is made in full.

      In case of cancellation, the amount paid is non-refundable.

      The reservation will be considered final, after you receive confirmation from us

      Download PDF version of the tour

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