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      Start:06.06.19 07:00
      End:09.06.19 23:00

       One Way Tour initiates an exclusive four-day tour to Northern Iran or Parskahayq during which a visit to many places of interests such as outstanding natural and historical monuments are expected.

      Here is the 4-day tour route:1 Day. Yerevan-Maku (625 km)

      We will cross the Armenian-Iranian border and enter province Artaz in historical world of Vaspurakan. Along the river Araks and the border of Nakhijevan we will move to north-west on the way wondering the waterfall called Asiab kharabe. Then near Jugha (Julpha) town, in front of Old Julfa town, on the bank of the river Araks we will see the ancient Caravanserai and Shepherd Church. After that we will move to famous for its magnificent architecture monastery of St. Stepanos Nakhavka (Maghardavank) which is located in a beautiful valley near the river Araks, on the slope of Magharda Mount. We will have dinner at the canteen of St. Stepanos monastery which has a pleasant environment. Then we will leave for the crater of rivers Tghmut and Araks that represents an interesting scene. Here are the ruins of the village Darashamb and St. Mariam Astvatsatsin church. We will continue our way toward the north-west of Iran and along the foot of Mount Masis we will reach to the ancient Maku city located on the bank of the river Zangmar. We will have supper in the city’s restaurant after which will visit the sights of Maku city such as the old castle, five-eyed bridge as well as the magnificent castle of Maku sardars called the Palace of Baghche Jugh. We will also organize a meeting with local armenians. The accommodation will be at the hotel in Maku.2 Day. Maku-Urmia (390 km)

      In the morning after having breakfast we will move from Maku to Tsor-Tsori church which was transferred and replaced to a higher place because of the construction of a reservoir. Then we will visit St. Thaddeus monastery which is considered as one of the Armenian architectural gems. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. From St. Thaddeus monastery we will leave for the canton Her, which is also called Khoy (Aries) in historical province of Parskahayk. On our way we will pass through Avarayr field where in 451 in the battle against the Persian army led by Commander Vardan Mamikonyan Armenians preserved their national and religious identity.

      On the western corner of Avarayr field, outstretched on the bank of the river Tghmut, the ruins of urartian Bastam fortress are located. Before reaching city Khoy we will also visit St. Khach monastery in Mahlazan. Then we will leave for the city where St. Sargis church is located (now became a museum). Here is also the mausoleum of 13th century Iranian poet and Zuph Shams Tavrizi that can be visited on request. From Khoy we will move to Salmast city which was the center of the canton Zarevand in historical Parskahayk. Along the way on the bank of the river Kutour we will see the old bridge. Then we will drive to the south, to Salmast city where we will visit St. Grigor church (12 century), then will go to Payajuk village that is the hometown of Armenian writer Raffi. We will see the ruins of the school where he studied and also Raffi’s mother tombstone in ancient Armenian cemetery. Armenian villages such as Haft Van and Mahlamare also located near Salmast city where there are several churches. A small number of Armenians lives there. In case of having time we can see the ruins of Derick monastery. Accommodation will be in Urmia city, which was the center of the province of West Atrpatakan.3 Day. Urmia – Tabriz (175 km)

      After having breakfast at the hotel in Urmia we will visit city sights such as Mihrab or Big Mosque, a big market (bazar) and numerous squares. Until the 20th century Urmia had been a multi-ethnic city where Jews, Christians, Assyrians and Armenians were living with Azerbaijani and Kurdish Muslims. In Urmia and its surroundings we will visit Armenian and Assyrian churches, will meet with the representatives of the Armenian community and will visit cultural center ”Ararat”. A visit to the only preserved St. Gevorg active church (17th century), located near the city in Armenian Gardebard village is also expected. Then we will continue our way to Tabriz which was considered to be the center of the province of Western Atrpatakan. Coming out of Urmia we will pass over the bridge that has recently been built on the Lake Urmia (Kaputan). During the tour a visit to а unique in its kind Kandovan village is expected, where ancient dwellings has been preserved. People still live there with their old traditional mode of life. After lunch we will leave for Tabriz (Tavresh). Here we will see St. Astvatsatsin church that was mentioned by Marco Polo, St. Sarkis Armenian Church and the Armenian National Prelacy of Tabriz. We will also see the city’s major attractions such as the Blue Mosque which was one of the most glorious buildings of its era. We will also see the symbol of Tabriz city «Arg-e-Tabriz» and a part of 14thcentury citadel. Then we will walk along the beautiful Tabrizian market (bazar), which once was the largest and the most beautiful market in the Middle East. We will also visit Gaul Park and the museum of Tabriz city. Accommodationwill be at the hotel in Tabriz.4 Day. Tabriz – Yerevan (580 km)

      After having breakfast at the hotel we will take our direction to Armenian-Iranian border. On the way we will visit

      Muzhumbar Armenian church. Late in the evening we will reach Yerevan.


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      Lake Urmia Tabriz St. Thaddeus Monastery Araks River Maghardavank Monastery St. Thaddeus Monastery Asiyab Kharabe Waterfall St. Thaddeus Monastery Maghardavank Monastery Maghardavank Monastery Julpha (Jugha) Tabriz Maku Maku Tabriz Tabriz Khachqar in Jugha

      Starting place - Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory.

      Taking into consideration that places are limited please contact us and register in advance!

      In case of cancellation of the tour which has been confirmed by the client and company,

      payment for the booking is made in full.

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