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      19.04 - 24.04.2024
      Price:680$ AMD *

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      During this tour, we will visit Persia to get acquainted with its rich cultural and historical heritage.
      Below is a description of the 6 days of sightseeing.

      Day 1
      In the morning, we take a direct flight from Yerevan to Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran/1 and a half hours/, and before the Tehran-Shiraz flight, we will visit Golestan Royal Palace and Milad Tower. We will fly from Tehran to Shiraz and stay at Shiraz Parse Hotel in the center of the city. In the evening, after dinner, we will walk around the center of Old Shiraz.

      Day 2
      In the morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we will visit Nasir ol-Molk Mosque decorated with colorful glass windows, tombs of famous medieval poets Saadi and Hafez, Shapur Palace Complex and Garden, Wakil Mosque and Market with unique architecture, Kyarim Khan Zendi Palace Complex and Shah Cheragh Mosque. In the evening, after having dinner in one of the traditional restaurants of Shiraz, we will walk through the historical districts of Shiraz and spend the night again in our hotel.


      Day 3
      After breakfast at the hotel in the morning, we will leave the city of Shiraz and an hour later we will reach the palace complex of Persepolis, the most luxurious capital of the Achaemenid Empire, after enjoying which we will also visit the rock-cut tombs of the Achaemenid kings in the historical Naghshe Rostam near Persepolis. In Naghshe Rostam, we will also see many rock sculptures of the Sasanian era and the cube of Zarathustra /Kabaye Zartosht/.

      We will move towards the city of Yazd and on the way we will stop at Pasargad, where the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenian Empire, and the half-ruined palaces are located. After seeing all this, our next stop will be at Yazd’s traditional and colorful Vali Hotel, where after placing our things, we will have dinner in one of the unique open-air restaurants built on the roofs nearby. Then in the evening we will walk around the center of Old Yazd, visit Amir Chakhmagh square and mosque.


      Day 4
      In the morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we will go to Yazdi Dowlat Abad Park, where the world’s highest “Wind Tower” is located. In Yazd, we will visit the Zoroastrian temple, the fire of which has been burning for more than 1500 years and has not been extinguished. We will walk in the narrow streets of Old Yazd surrounded by houses and guest houses with historical adobe walls, we will climb on the roofs of several guest houses, from which wonderful views will open and a panorama of the whole city will be seen. We will also be at the “Art House” of Yazd, after which we will go to the Zoroastrian “Towers of Silence” outside the city.

      Then our next stop will be in the capital of Iran, the city of Spahan, during the reign of the Safavid dynasty. We will place our things in the Safavi Hotel in Isfahan and we will leave the hotel and after passing over the Siosepol and Khaju bridges built on the Zayanderud River flowing through the center of Old Isfahan, we will visit the Nor Jugha Armenian Quarter of Isfahan. In the evening, we will also visit the “Ararat” youth gymnasium in Isfahan and have a meeting with the Armenians of Nor Jugha.

      Day 5
      In the morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we will visit one of the largest squares in the world, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, which is one of the best examples of Iranian architecture and is world-renowned. Here are located the Royal Palace of Ali Ghapu built during the reign of Safyan Shah Abbas (17th century), the very famous Sheikh Lotfollah and Emam Mosques, and finally the famous Isfahan Historical Market. Then we will visit the Saint Amenprkich Monastery, the frescoes of the church are unique and unrepeatable in Armenian mural painting. The monastery houses the Matenadaran and the Museum, where we will see evidence of Iran’s first printing house founded by Khachatur Kesaratsi, and many facts about the life of the Armenian community of Nor Jugha and items of great cultural value. While walking around the Armenian quarter, we will also visit the Saint Bethlehem Cathedral. Then we will go to another famous palace complex of the Safavids, Chehel Sotun /Forty Column Palace, which is famous for its woodwork masterpieces and ornate frescoes on historical themes.

      We will say goodbye to the city of Spahan and we will go to Abyane village with unique reddish colored houses, where we will spend the night in the hotel.

      Day 6
      In the early morning, those who wish can climb the Sasanian era fortress near Abyane. Then, after breakfast at the hotel, we will take a walk in the village, see the Zoroastrian firehouse and move to Kashan, which is known as the center of carpet weaving. In Kashan, we will visit Fin Garden and bathhouse, as well as Agha Bozorg /Great Sir/ historical school and mosque. From Kashan, we will go to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport, from where we will return to Yerevan by direct flight.


      1. Airplane Yerevan-Teheran-Yerevan
      2. Airplane Tehran - Shiraz
      3. Accommodation in the hotel (4*) with breakfast
      4. Excursions to specified cities accompanied by an Armenian-speaking guide
      5. Entrance tickets
      6. Transport service throughout the tour



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      The reservation will be considered final, after you receive confirmation from us

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