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      11․04 - 18․04
      Price:810 $ AMD *

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      Let’s explore Egypt together.
      From the vibrant heart of Egypt, Cairo, to the Red Sea coast, Sharm el Sheikh.


      Day 1

      We take a direct morning flight from Yerevan to Sharm el Sheikh.
      Accommodation at the hotel, free day.
      Vacation on the Red Sea coast.


      Day 2

      Rest in the morning on the shore of the Red Sea. You will have the opportunity to observe the Bedouins living in the desert and enjoy tea with them.

      Day 3

      City tour in the afternoon. A visit to the only Christian church, the largest mosque in the old district, a visit to the peace monument, a visit to the papyrus factory and a souvenir shop.

      Day 4

      At night (time depends on the location of the hotel) a bus ride to Cairo. Pyramids and the Sphinx. You will see the main symbols of Egypt. You will get acquainted with the history of the first church in Egypt and learn about the origin of its unusual name. Here we will return to Ancient Egypt again, talk about the famous pharaohs.

      Day 5

      Free day: relaxing by the sea.

      Day 6

      A vacation on the Red Sea, or, if desired, an excursion to the Isle of Wight or an evening visit to the most famous club of Sharm el Sheikh mince.

      Day 7

      Relax by the sea, and in the evening transfer to the airport. Flight to Yerevan.


      1․ Air tickets-flight from Yerevan
      2․ Hotel accommodation (7 days / 6 nights )
      3․ "Marina Charm 4”
      4․ Meeting / Seeing off
      5. All-inclusive meals
      6․ Excursion to Cairo
      7. Desert safari tour
      8․ Excursion To Sharm El Sheikh
      9․ Visa
      10․ Insurance



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      The reservation will be considered final, after you receive confirmation from us

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