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      I will never regret that

      I did a good thing.

                                             William Shakespeare

      Children deprived of bright everyday life


      project report
      raised: 1.256.500 AMD goal: 9.330.000 AMD
      by 30 benefactors

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      Ararat region, village Armash, nowadays… More than 70 children deprived of bright everyday life…

      Dear Armenians, this time we appeal to you with great hope to receive your support. Charitable social organizations Օգնենք հայ մանուկներին (Help Armenian children) and ՈՒԱՆ ՎԵՅ ԲԱՐԻ (ONE WAY KIND) are joining forces for a common goal: 70 children of the village of Armash and near lying territories of Ararat region with the support of our combined forces MUST have well-maintained kindergarten.

      Due to the lack of conditions, the kindergarten operated only in warm months of a year and since the kindergarten is a subcommunity construction it is financed from the budget of the community and during these years the roof, several windows of the kindergarten have been reconstructed and after the decision to close the kindergarten made in October 28, 2017 by sanitary epidemiological supervision the kitchen has also been reconstructed. The state is aware of the problem. It supplies only subventions to solve the needs of the community, and the sum of money is so little that it is impossible to aim them to the recunstroction of the kindergarten. According to calculations,

      the construction company has made beforehand (details of the calculation here) the required budget is about 9.330.000 AMD. Thus, we announce the fundraising. In each phase of the project will share with you with the whole information concerning the current work and expences, photos and video.

      This large-scale project needs our support. According to the mayor of village Hakob Zeynalyan, the community is ready to make a contribution of 30% of the amount collected for the project. It has been proved that together we can make the impossible possible. And this time we hope for your active participation and support. Armenian children MUST have a light and a fabulous childhood. And it starts in kindergarten.

      Do not postpone good things even for a second.


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      our benefactors

      • 01.08.2018 14:21
        Օգնենք Հայ Մանուկներին ՀԿ | Help Armenian Children NPO
        + 315.000 AMD
      • 31.05.2018 16:22
        Արմաշի գյուղապետարան
        + 300.000 AMD
      • 31.05.2018 17:19
        ONE WAY TOUR (տուրեր մայիսի 28 – 31)
        + 62.000 AMD
      • 29.05.2018 13:31
        ONE WAY TOUR (տուրեր մայիսի 21 – 27)
        + 59.000 AMD
      • 21.05.2018 17:02
        ONE WAY TOUR (տուրեր մայիսի 14 – 20)
        + 55.000 AMD
      • 15.05.2018 20:29
        Artur Rafaelyan
        + 1.600 AMD
      • 14.05.2018 18:36
        Davit Stepanyan
        + 2.000 AMD
      • 14.05.2018 10:39
        ONE WAY TOUR ( տուրեր մայիսի 07 – 13)
        + 65.000 AMD
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