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      Start:14.09.18 06:00
      End:16.09.18 23:00

      We are organizing a trip to Georgia to spend our unforgettable vacation surrounded by incredible natural beauty of Svaneti and Imereti regions.


      So, here we go…

      Day 1:

      1. Departure from Yerevan

      2. Sataplia Nature Reserve

      3. Walking city tour in Kutaisi

      4. Mtsvanekvavila Church


      By departing early in the morning from Yerevan we will be heading straight to Sataplia Nature Reserve, situated somewhat 10 km away from Kutaisi. There we will visit marvelous Sataplia Cave, rich in giant stalactites and stalagmites, and see petrified traces of dinosaurs that inhabited these territories long ago. Finally we will enjoy the beautiful scenes  of Imereti Region from an observation platform with a transparent glass floor.

      In the evening a pleasant walk in Kutaisi will take us to  the historical center of the city. Along our way we will also visit the Mtsvanekvavila Church, known as the Church of the Green Flower, which offers wonderful views of the Rioni River and the western part of the city.


      Day 2:

      1. Prometheus Cave

      2. Boating in the Martvili Canyon

      3. Okatse Canyon

      4. Kinchha Waterfall


      5. Return to Kutaisi


      The next morning right after the breakfast we will drive to the  Prometheus Cave. The road to the cave leads through the famous resort city  of Tskhaltubo. Prometheus Cave is one of the largest karst caves in the region, with a length of 11 km, of which only 1060 m. is open to visitors, and the maximum height reaches 21 meters. The cave is rich in a variety of spectacular rock formations and underground lakes and a river, where, in case of availability,  we will have a boat tour as well.

      Our next destination will be the strikingly beautiful Martvili Canyon, located on Abasha River, close to  Gachedili village, in the historical province of Samegrelo. This incredibly beautiful canyon rich with caves and waterfalls is particularly impressive due to the combination of bright green and blue colors. This is a  must-visit place, where one  can enjoy the  high cliffs covered with lush forests, listen to the sound of the mountainous river that has carved its way through the solid rocks and simply admire the many views of the fabulous waterfalls. The water in the canyon is of turquoise color and is refreshingly cool even in the heat of summer. After having  a boat ride on the peaceful waters of the river through this scenic canyon, we will continue our way to another picturesque  waterfall near the village  Balda.

      Coming up next is the beautiful canyon Okatse, where we will enjoy the scenes from the specially designed observation platforms stretching along the canyon on 140m  height. Then we’ll have an off-road ride  to the magnificent waterfall Kinchkha, located on Okatse  River

      If time permits we will also visit Martvili Monastery (Chkondidi), an important  Megrelian medieval religious center.


      Day 3:

      1. Departure from Kutaisi

      2. Gelati Monastery

      3. Zestafoni

      4. Khashouri

      5. Return to Yerevan

      On the third day of our journey early in the morning we will drive to the North, to Nikortsminda Monastery, rich in sculptures and murals. The latter was built in the 11th century during the reign of King Bagrat III. The road leading to the monastery passes close to  the picturesque Shaori Reservoir, known for its biological diversity.

      On the road back we will enter the cities of Khashuri and Zestaponi, famous for their pottery and hammocks, where those willing to buy souvenirs will have an excellent opportunity to choose from a vast variety of handmade stuff.

      Entrance fees are not includeed in the price. Boating and entarance tickets all together cost 85 Gel.


      1. guide service

      2. transportation

      3. accomodation

      4. breakfast

      Martvili Canyon Prometheus Cave Bagrati Cathedral Okatse canyon Кutaisi Okatse canyon Prometheus Cave Kutaisi Shaori Reservoir Okatse Canyon Okatse canyon Okatse canyon Gelati Kloster Martvili Canyon Martvili Canyon Okatse canyon Martvili Canyon Okatse canyon Prometheus Cave

      Starting place - Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

      Taking into consideration that places are limited please contact us and register in advance.

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      In case of cancellation of the tour which has been confirmed by the client and company,

      payment for the booking is made in full.

      In case of cancellation, the amount paid is non-refundable.


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